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The Bahri Group is a multi-tiered organization with its experience of two decades in the Real Estate Business and is known for the best retirement homes in India. We believe in building strong and long-term relationships, keeping our esteemed customers in mind by giving them the best services and solutions. The group is one of the pioneers in bringing the concept and formulation of plotted development for senior/retirement homes, organized second homes in India and is the first to meet the highest global standards in doing so. Bahri has proved to be among the best realty companies in providing affordable retirement homes in South India. Senior citizen apartments are designed keeping the needs of elderly residents in mind.


Transportation within community, Move In Assistance, House Keeping, Gardening, Central Dining, Purchase Services, Horticulture Services, Basic Medical Services, Pest Control, Waste Management Services, etc.

F & B

Imagine crisp linen tablecloths, fine china, and servers who know you so well, they can often anticipate your mood and preferences the moment you come in the door.


Apollo Tele Health Services has been roped in as the health care partner at the township for the benefit of all residents of the Anandam Retirement Community.


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Experience We Offer

Our motto is to provide services tailor made to each individual’s unique needs.

Genuine Hospitality

Genuine Hospitality means we put service to our residents above all else. In other words, we put you above all else. Trained and efficient staff is working 24X7 in our Anandam and Santosham Retirement living communities in South India to make your stay comfortable.

Club Culture

Unwind in the lap of luxury at our clubhouse. The club is equipped with a restaurant, party halls, swimming pool, activities room and much more at our retirement centre.

Senior Retirement homes In SouthIndia


There are almost a million things to do at our senior communities. Okay, not quite that many, but it sure will feel like it. Fortunately, you’ll have a program director to help you keep track of it all. (They’re kind of like a party planner but better!)

Community Happenings

We think you’ll love all the things to do. But you want to know what’s even better? There’s always someone to enjoy it with at our active retirement communities. Acquaintances become buddies, neighbors become friends, and friends may become “besties”. That’s what we mean by best retirement communities.

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Free from the hustle and bustle of city life; stay at our trial villas, experience the services and interact with our residents..


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