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How to find the Best Assisted Living Home for seniors

How to find the Best Assisted Living Home for seniors

A hard truth that everyone has to face, children cannot stay with parents forever. They have their personal life. Mostly everyone prefers to get settled abroad. What would the parents do in that case? The big house, which they have made with dreams and was once full of laughter and fun, is now nothing but mere four walls that echoes nothing but silence. Above all maintaining its high expenditure is not what your parents would want to do, hence senior citizen homes become the best option if you do not want to leave your mother and father to live in complete boredom. Though the concept is new but everyone is getting familiar to it very quickly. If you are confused what are the major factors to look into while finding the best senior citizen community, then you are at the right place. Here we guide you –


At the old age what your needs change totally. Earlier when you wished to have lots of money and living a luxurious life, now it’s all about spending happy times and staying fit. Senior assisted living in India is known for the cordial atmosphere. From morning walks to afternoon prayers and evening celebrations, the seniors does it with peers and this is all what you would want to see, your parents enjoying to the fullest. Hence make sure that the assisted living home consists of like-minded people so that all of them can spend quality time together.

Medical Facility

Medical center inside the community is a must. Senior citizen homes are generally located away from the cities therefore there arise a need to travel far off places in order to buy anything, but in case of emergency the elderly cannot travel to the hospital or medical store. The medical facility inside the compound makes things a lot easier.


Senior assisted living in India is usually comfortable as the houses are well maintained. From plumber to electrician and even the washer man everyone is just a call away. You neither have to do mend things yourself nor keep calling someone from outside.

Finding the perfect elderly home at least cost is now possible with Bahri Estates, the real estate developers who are into the same field for many years now, catering to hundreds of senior citizens and assuring their blissful stay. Visit http://bahriestates.com/ for more.

Affordable Retirement Homes in Friendly Location

Affordable Retirement Homes in Friendly Location

Considering the fact that the seniors want to live independently, in the company of their peers, the demand of retirement homes is very high these days. When children are settled outside, and there is no one at home boredom makes elderly inactive and prone of diseases, as those who have nothing do except for watching television will surely take unnecessary stress and truly living inside four wall is in itself a very tough task. Above all maintaining the house is does not only needs efforts but monies too. Thus, the best option is search for retirement homes in Bangalore.

Excellent weather conditions

No matter which part of the country you belong to, there are extreme weather conditions almost everywhere. Too cold or too warm is not suitable for your health especially in old age. Hence, Bangalore is the safest place where you can spend your retirement days in complete bliss. The Senior Retirement homes In South India, are generally situated in the outskirts, away from the hustle and bustle of the country thereby making it the best choice for nature lovers who want to live in comfort and peace.

24/7 facilities

The retirement homes in Bangalore are made keeping in mind even the minutest of details. From the flooring plan to the material used, everything is being taken care of. The houses are build low floor so that there is no need to climb stairs; On floor the anti-skid tiles so that there is no fear of slipping; Each room is provided with an emergency bell so that in case of any emergency the elderly don’t have to keep waiting. Not only this, the communities are well equipped with medical centers, meditation room, walking area for people so they do not have to move out every now and then. All facilities inside the compound makes life a lot more easier.

Easy commutation

No one can be restricted to a place for weeks and months together. Even the senior citizens need refreshment. Going to shopping malls and nearby markets require transportation, which is best if it is public so that the commutation remains affordable.

After the retirement, there is only limited budget left and Bahri Estate understands it very well, hence gives you an option to buy the best Senior Retirement homes In South India that too at the least cost. Want to explore more? Visit bahriestates.com.

How Do Retirement Communities Help in Building Society?

How Do Retirement Communities Help in Building Society?

Humans have always thrived in societies. Tribes, clans, communities, all had a number of people living together, sharing space and resources and interacting with each other. Seclusion & isolation might sound like a good idea but if prolonged, it impacts the stability of a person. A society ensures smooth functioning through daily interactions, exchange of information and ideas.

While working, one interacts with a number of people on a daily basis. Now, for all of that to end cold turkey after retirement wouldn’t be healthy. Living in retirement communities ensure the continuation of a societal life, especially one where elders live with people who are at the same stage of their life as they are.

A Bahri Estate retirement community not only allows for people to get together but it also provides the old age residents to avail a plethora of facilities that would help them get by daily. These retirement homes are built keeping in mind the needs that certain elders may have; they have specific flooring, tiles, ramps and staircases that are wheelchair friendly.

People living together in a society usually trust each other and are assured that they will not be harmed by their fellow residents. This assurance comes with the common security they share which retirement communities have in common. They are guarded by single gate entry & exit systems that provide optimum security. Bahri Estate’s retirement homes in Chennai function on this system as well.

Most societies have activities that they participate in together, festivals they organize together and games they team up and play together. Similarly, Bahri Estates retirement communities have many types of activities that the elderly can enjoy which leads to the residents getting to know each other better. People in a society will now and then enjoy in leisurely activities together. Retirement communities do have entertainment facilities that keeps people occupied. Retirement homes by Bahri keep having celebrations round the year for occasions like New Year’s, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, etc. which the residents would have previously enjoyed as well when living outside of the retirement home.

A proper functioning society in India has interactions on a daily basis. Retirement homes in Chennai, Bangalore, etc. allow residents to come together and share their experiences and ideas about their life, their job, their family, etc. and how they are dealing with life post retirement. The residents being in similar phases of life as each other helps them understand the people in the community well and accommodate each other’s needs to function as a healthy society. This is what Bahri Estate’s retirement communities strive for.

The Benefits of Active Senior Housing in India

The Benefits of Active Senior Housing in India

Staying active post retirement is essential to good physical & mental health. An active lifestyle is not only limited to exercise but it widens out to various things we do to function in a society on a regular basis. When working, one has a very busy schedule. They go to their workplace, meet & greet people, have meetings, work in a team, talk to clients, have lunch with colleagues, celebrate occasions in office, etc. and then come home and take part in family activities. It is one of the most active lifestyles. After retirement, for all that to go away becomes difficult to deal with. Sure, one would have friends and family to meet but with everyone’s varying schedules, interaction on a daily basis would not be feasible. Here is where active senior communities in India come in. They make sure that the senior citizens residing in the retirement communities maintain an active way of living and are socializing enough so that they remain healthy & hopeful.

The way that the retirement communities work is in their name. A community is where people come together and take part in societal activities together. Bahri Estates has one of the best senior care in India. The senior citizens in the community meet their counterparts on a daily basis at the cafeteria for their meals. The meals are provided to them in a common dining center which allows them to have a communal meal, talk to each other, share their experiences, listen to different stories and more. This helps them to reflect on any issues they might be having in their personal lives. Another benefit is that someone who is having troubles dealing with retirement might find ways to cope with it from someone else’s stories and ways.

It gives an overall perspective to them.

Active senior communities in India celebrate various occasions together like New Year’s, Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, etc. This benefits the senior citizens to eliminate the lack of their family’s presence during festivals that they previously celebrated with them. If they aren’t able to meet with their children or other family members, they always have another family to share the joy with.

Bahri Estate’s senior care in India has one of the best amenities. They provide the residents with access to the gym which helps them maintain their health. They also have a library, spa, community center, yoga hall, coffee shop, etc. so that the residents can engage themselves in different activities whenever they feel the need to.

Why Senior Assisted Living in India Is Important?

Why Senior Assisted Living in India Is Important?

Living in a developing nation, we see that our public spaces and some private establishments fall short on certain accommodations that some people might require. Most of us get by without it but it might be difficult for differently abled people on a regular basis. For senior citizens to live in a regular society, it becomes difficult after a certain point in life. Not all societies have wheelchair friendly ramps, staircases or even elevators for that matter. A senior assisted living in India can provide the kind of environment which allows the smooth functioning of differently abled senior citizens. Bahri Estate’s assisted living homes are equipped with wheel chair friendly stairs, floors, tiles and ramps. They are installed with grab bar toilets and also have transportation carts which take them anywhere within the community.

Senior retirement communities offer many amenities that some senior citizens might require on a daily basis. They have a cafeteria within the community that offers meals to all the residents. In case one is not able to go to the dining,The food get delivered at your door step. One might think hiring a cook would be easy as well but that comes with conditions too. At a retirement community, they will cook & serve meals regularly, as per scheduled.

Bahri Estate’s senior assisted living in India also provides the elderly residents with services like housekeeping, gardening, maintenance, and move in assistance, transportation, purchase services, etc. One can avail all these if they reside in the community. These services are important and used by all. Living outside of a retirement community, one would have to search and hire separate personals for each services.

Senior retirement communities are located in a peaceful environment. Bahri Estates retirement communities have a single gate entry & exit system for maximum security. They are protected by trained security officials who keep a record of every non-resident entering the premises. This is one of the most important reasons of why the elderly should live in senior assisted living homes. Senior citizens are one of the most preyed on demographics when it comes to a criminal’s target. Living in a secure environment eliminates the risk of them being targeted. Bahri Estates function on a hooter system in the homes. It is an emergency system that the senior citizens can use in case they are in any kind of trouble and need assistance and help arrives immediately. Assisted living is not a luxury but a necessity. Choose the best retirement homes with Bahri Estates.

Facilities Provided in Elderly Care Homes in Chennai

Facilities Provided in Elderly Care Homes in Chennai

Old age is when one has the time and luxury to relax and live a comfortable life. Having the means, the elders seek out places that are peaceful, old age friendly and have the required facilities. What better than a retirement home to settle down can an elderly person look for.

Elder care homes are on the rise in the country with the increase in the fast-paced lives of people that drive children away from their parental homes to make a living and as a result aren’t able to care full time for their aged parents. Owned old age homes in Chennai, Bangalore, etc. can be considered for a secure retirement community. Making sure that your parents have a comfortable and safe dwelling to stay in after their retirement has become easy with the large number of retirement homes that Bahri Estates has to offer. They offer private homes which come with a number of facilities the elders can avail to help them with their daily functioning as required.

Bahri Estate’s elder care homes in Chennai are one of the best options to choose. Chennai isculturally rich and one of the safest cities to live in. They have a plethora of facilities to offer as well. They offer homed with 1 BHK, 2BHK as well as 3 BHK layouts. For a low risk living, the homes have anti – skid tiles that reduce the chances of slipping, grab bar toilets, age friendly window and doors, a hooter system which is an emergency response system in case of internal & external emergencies. They are also equipped with electrical switches that are bigger in size than usual for ease.

Owned old age homes in Chennai with Bahri Estates gives you full security. With a single manned entry and exit gate system, the elders have full privacy and detailed register of persons entering and exiting which increases the safety. The common areas in the Bahri retirement facilities have CCTV surveillance, fire alarms and smoke detectors. The home units are designed to accommodate elderly people that might have trouble moving around. They have ramps, staircases, flooring and tiles that are wheelchair friendly.

Retirement homes at Bahri are not last resort. They are beautiful homes with entertainment facilities like a club house, educational sports center, etc. that cater to the elderly so that they can socialize and be active. Pick our elder care homes in Chennai and enjoy the fresh sea breeze every evening and refreshing coconut water to keep your spirits up.

How Senior Retirement Communities Make Senior Citizen Life Joyful

How Senior Retirement Communities Make Senior Citizen Life Joyful

Planning for the best days of your life has to be a well thought out decision. After years of a hectic lifestyle, retirement presents a time and opportunity for you to finally put your leg up and relax and live the best phase of your life in a dignified and independent way. This is where senior retirement communities like Anandam by Bahri Estates Pvt Ltd is the ideal solution.

Bahri Estates has completely revolutionized the concept of senior living homes in India and has gone on to gain a lot of recognition on both the national and international level for the same. Bahri Estates was awarded as the world best retirement community and is by far, India’s most awarded developer in senior housing.

An ideal senior retirement community should be one that understands what a retiree or a senior is looking for – the best of amenities , the best of health facilities , activities to keep you healthy and active , caring staff that go an extra mile to make sure that all your needs are taken care of, fresh and an ever changing menu of lip smacking delicacies and last but not the least living at location that makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. All the senior retirement communities , be it Anandam or Santosham offer all of these and a whole lot more.

Our senior living homes are set in the very best locations with special emphasis given to making sure that these are indeed the best days of your life.

Our wide range of services include 24/7 security, concierge services, centralized dining with senior friendly food, 24/7 power backup ,medical center will ambulance within the community and a whole lot more.

Moving to an senior retirement community might be the best fit for more seniors looking for a life that is independent and one that they can live on their own terms. Being part of a senior home gives seniors the option of starting the next phase of their life in grand style with the confidence that all their needs are being taken care of and they can just enjoy life doing things that they have always wanted to. Being part of a retirement community is also a great way to meet a lot of like minded people from various walks of life and can spark off the beginning of a new friendship in this remarkable phase of your life.

In all of the senior retirement homes offered by Bahri Estates, there are several options for you to choose from depending entire on your need and budget. There are budget friendly 1 Bhks to luxurious 3 Bhk Villas, catering to wide range of requirements.

We also do understand that the food choices for seniors needs to be well thought out and planned for the overall experience of staying in a senior living room to be even more memorable.All the chefs at retirement communities of Bahri Estates are very experienced and special care is given to the menu.Food is prepared especially keeping in mind that excess of oil and spices are not used.Whats more, our menu is ever evolving as our chefs dish out one culinary wonder after the other

Living in a senior retirement community will also save you a lot of time on routine activities like cleaning and home maintenance – leaving you with lot more time to explore your other interests and hobbies.

When it comes to finally having the life you want and getting the care you need when the time comes , Bahri Estates provides you with various choices for that ideal retirement you have always dreamt about.

Best Retirement Homes In Bangalore For Nature & Peace Lovers

Best Retirement Homes In Bangalore For Nature & Peace Lovers

When you are looking for the best retirement home in Bangalore, there is one name that stands out from rest. This is the Anandam Retirement Community by Bahri Estates Pvt Ltd. The unmatched service and facilities at a location second to none make it an ideal retirement home for seniors and sets it apart from all the other elderly care homes in Bangalore.

After having lived all your life in a fast paced city there exists a need to retire  and spend the best years of your life in a safe and serene environment in the lap of nature. This is what the Anandam Retirement Community offers you. If you love nature and have always envisioned a life where you wake up with the morning sun and the chirping of birds and spend your day in a peaceful surrounding among lush greenery and a soothing breeze caressing your face then Anandam by Bahri Estates is the ideal location for you to retire in.

At Anandam, we strive in giving you the best of services and amenities.Our courteous staff go an extra mile in seeing that you are requirements are met to the best of our abilities. Our wide range of services include 24/7 security, concierge services, centralized dining with senior friendly food, 24/7 power backup ,medical center will ambulance within the community and a whole lot more.

We believe that an ideal retirement life should be one where you should be carefree and not be bothered about any boring chores. You should just be able to enjoy life to it’s fullest and live active and healthy in the lap of nature.This is what life at Anadam Retirement Community Bangalore is all about.



Senior citizens in India are increasingly opting to live in well-established retirement communities. For those who live alone in cramped apartments amidst dust and pollution, with the constant fear of theft and burglary, these communities that offer safety and independence, come as a boon.

Imagine a life with no mundane chores like cooking, cleaning, paying bills and home maintenance. The retirement communities by the award winning Bahri Group offer seniors all amenities and comforts, in addition to medical facilities and entertainment avenues, to ensure they enjoy their golden years.

Tucked away amidst tranquil surroundings, in the foothills of Kodaikanal, the serene senior friendly compact villas at Santosham Retirement Community, within the 121 acres Bahri Beautiful Country Township are truly welcoming to seniors. Understanding that you might have retired from work but not from life, the community offers the right services at the right price.

1BHK Villas at Rs. 14.77 lakhs and 2BHK villas at Rs.21.95 lakhs onwards*


  • Round the clock security and medical care
  • Functional facilities
  • Operational cafeteria and Ayurvedic therapy centre
  • Professionally managed housekeeping and maintenance
  • Scenic surroundings and pollution-free environment
  • 40000 sq.ft. clubhouse in advance stage of construction
  • Matchless recreation and convenience amenities including hobby rooms, restaurants, gym/spa, saloon, departmental store, library and much more…

➤AT: Hotel Savera, Olive Hall, No. 146, Dr. Radhakrishna Salai, Mylapore
➤ON: 19th and 20th January 2019, Between 9AM – 6PM

Best Hill View Resort Minutes Away From Kodaikanal

Best Hill View Resort Minutes Away From Kodaikanal

Your Search for the Best Hill View Resort Minutes Away From Kodaikanal Ends Here.

Nestled in the pristine foothills of the Western Ghats, and enveloped in the lap of nature ,Bahri Beautiful Country is the best resort near Kodaikanal. It is undoubtedly a traveler’s paradise set amidst a beautiful surrounding.

Bahri Beautiful Country is the perfect get-away for friends and family longing to experience the serenity of a space that is away from the hustle and bustle of city life, with lush greenery and a relaxing atmosphere. It is perfect blend of a tranquil setting and luxury and modern amenities. Whats more,our ever courteous service makes you feel special. We are arguably one of the best resorts in Kodaikanal today, offering scrumptious cuisine, a spectacular setting, luxurious rooms and comfort like you have never experienced before. Be it a weekend getaway or a celebrating a special event at a location second to none, we cater to every requirement of yours.

Our Special Kerala Ayurveda Relaxation, Rejuvenation Package can also be availed at the ayurvedic massage center with specialist male and female masseurs from Kerala,
With popular tourist destinations like Munnar and Thekkady very close to our resort, Bahri Beautiful Country is the place to plan your next holiday at.

Come, Experience five star fun at it’s finest at the best resort in Kodaikanal – Bahri Beautiful Country.

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