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How Senior Retirement Communities Make Senior Citizen Life Joyful

How Senior Retirement Communities Make Senior Citizen Life Joyful

Planning for the best days of your life has to be a well thought out decision. After years of a hectic lifestyle, retirement presents a time and opportunity for you to finally put your leg up and relax and live the best phase of your life in a dignified and independent way. This is where senior retirement communities like Anandam by Bahri Estates Pvt Ltd is the ideal solution.

Bahri Estates has completely revolutionized the concept of senior living homes in India and has gone on to gain a lot of recognition on both the national and international level for the same. Bahri Estates was awarded as the world best retirement community and is by far, India’s most awarded developer in senior housing.

An ideal senior retirement community should be one that understands what a retiree or a senior is looking for – the best of amenities , the best of health facilities , activities to keep you healthy and active , caring staff that go an extra mile to make sure that all your needs are taken care of, fresh and an ever changing menu of lip smacking delicacies and last but not the least living at location that makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. All the senior retirement communities , be it Anandam or Santosham offer all of these and a whole lot more.

Our senior living homes are set in the very best locations with special emphasis given to making sure that these are indeed the best days of your life.

Our wide range of services include 24/7 security, concierge services, centralized dining with senior friendly food, 24/7 power backup ,medical center will ambulance within the community and a whole lot more.

Moving to an senior retirement community might be the best fit for more seniors looking for a life that is independent and one that they can live on their own terms. Being part of a senior home gives seniors the option of starting the next phase of their life in grand style with the confidence that all their needs are being taken care of and they can just enjoy life doing things that they have always wanted to. Being part of a retirement community is also a great way to meet a lot of like minded people from various walks of life and can spark off the beginning of a new friendship in this remarkable phase of your life.

In all of the senior retirement homes offered by Bahri Estates, there are several options for you to choose from depending entire on your need and budget. There are budget friendly 1 Bhks to luxurious 3 Bhk Villas, catering to wide range of requirements.

We also do understand that the food choices for seniors needs to be well thought out and planned for the overall experience of staying in a senior living room to be even more memorable.All the chefs at retirement communities of Bahri Estates are very experienced and special care is given to the menu.Food is prepared especially keeping in mind that excess of oil and spices are not used.Whats more, our menu is ever evolving as our chefs dish out one culinary wonder after the other

Living in a senior retirement community will also save you a lot of time on routine activities like cleaning and home maintenance – leaving you with lot more time to explore your other interests and hobbies.

When it comes to finally having the life you want and getting the care you need when the time comes , Bahri Estates provides you with various choices for that ideal retirement you have always dreamt about.

Best Retirement Homes In Bangalore For Nature & Peace Lovers

Best Retirement Homes In Bangalore For Nature & Peace Lovers

When you are looking for the best retirement home in Bangalore, there is one name that stands out from rest. This is the Anandam Retirement Community by Bahri Estates Pvt Ltd. The unmatched service and facilities at a location second to none make it an ideal retirement home for seniors and sets it apart from all the other elderly care homes in Bangalore.

After having lived all your life in a fast paced city there exists a need to retire  and spend the best years of your life in a safe and serene environment in the lap of nature. This is what the Anandam Retirement Community offers you. If you love nature and have always envisioned a life where you wake up with the morning sun and the chirping of birds and spend your day in a peaceful surrounding among lush greenery and a soothing breeze caressing your face then Anandam by Bahri Estates is the ideal location for you to retire in.

At Anandam, we strive in giving you the best of services and amenities.Our courteous staff go an extra mile in seeing that you are requirements are met to the best of our abilities. Our wide range of services include 24/7 security, concierge services, centralized dining with senior friendly food, 24/7 power backup ,medical center will ambulance within the community and a whole lot more.

We believe that an ideal retirement life should be one where you should be carefree and not be bothered about any boring chores. You should just be able to enjoy life to it’s fullest and live active and healthy in the lap of nature.This is what life at Anadam Retirement Community Bangalore is all about.

Best Hill View Resort Minutes Away From Kodaikanal

Best Hill View Resort Minutes Away From Kodaikanal

Your Search for the Best Hill View Resort Minutes Away From Kodaikanal Ends Here.

Nestled in the pristine foothills of the Western Ghats, and enveloped in the lap of nature ,Bahri Beautiful Country is the best resort near Kodaikanal. It is undoubtedly a traveler’s paradise set amidst a beautiful surrounding.

Bahri Beautiful Country is the perfect get-away for friends and family longing to experience the serenity of a space that is away from the hustle and bustle of city life, with lush greenery and a relaxing atmosphere. It is perfect blend of a tranquil setting and luxury and modern amenities. Whats more,our ever courteous service makes you feel special. We are arguably one of the best resorts in Kodaikanal today, offering scrumptious cuisine, a spectacular setting, luxurious rooms and comfort like you have never experienced before. Be it a weekend getaway or a celebrating a special event at a location second to none, we cater to every requirement of yours.

Our Special Kerala Ayurveda Relaxation, Rejuvenation Package can also be availed at the ayurvedic massage center with specialist male and female masseurs from Kerala,
With popular tourist destinations like Munnar and Thekkady very close to our resort, Bahri Beautiful Country is the place to plan your next holiday at.

Come, Experience five star fun at it’s finest at the best resort in Kodaikanal – Bahri Beautiful Country.

Best SPA Near  Kodaikanal

Best SPA Near Kodaikanal

Have you always wanted to book a spa holiday but just could not decide where to go and what the ideal choice would be? Bringing to you the very Best SPA Resort just minutes way from Kodaikanal.

Our well equipped Spa will leave you feeling on top of the world. The focus at our Spa is to create a healing retreat that is the balance between the mind and the body. We look to combine treatments, meditation, therapies and, of course, a healthy diet.

Pampering ayurveda treatments are also on hand to provide another solid dose of relaxation.
We have experienced male and female masseurs from Kerala who specialize in relaxing massages that will make you feel rejuvenated and full of life. Also ,the staff members here take a two-dimensional approach towards wellness. While they treat and pamper the body, they also ensure that you learn about healthy habits that lead you to a stage of mindfulness. Being one with nature also plays a very important role in this philosophy of wellness, and that’s where the beautiful location that we are set in adds to the splendour of the Spa. Set between the pristine Western Ghats at the foothills of Kodaikanal at Bahri Beautiful Country, it is very evident to imagine why we are often referred to as the Best Spa resort near Kodaikanal.

We offer various packages tailor made for each individuals need. So,take some time out from your hectic, mundane lifestyle and restore your bond with nature.

Relax & Rejuvenate, be one with nature and feel all your stress and worries fade away.

Best Ayurvedic Massage Center, Specialized in a wide range of Treatments In Kodaikanal

Best Ayurvedic Massage Center, Specialized in a wide range of Treatments In Kodaikanal

Bahri Beautiful Country set at the foothills of Kodaikanal offers you the very best of Ayurveda facilities at a location that is second to none.

Ayurveda is comprised of two Sanskrit words: Ayu which implies life and Veda which implies the learning of. To think about existence is Ayurveda. In any case, to completely grasp the huge adapt of Ayurveda let us initially characterize “Ayu” or life. As indicated by the antiquated Ayurvedic researcher Charaka, “ayu” is included four fundamental parts. The blend of psyche, body, faculties and the spirit.

We also provide proper guidance with regard to the food and lifestyle of the individuals who attend our Ayurveda programs.We believe that this will result in a marked improvement in the heath and the over all well being of folks who are part of our specialized packages.

At Bahri Beautiful County we also have a wide range of the Best and most Authentic Ayurveda therapies near Kodaikanal like Abhyangam, Sirodhara and Elakkizhi to name a few.

Our Ayurvedic massage center that is located very close to Kodaikanal have experienced male and female masseurs from Kerala who specialize in relaxing massages that will make you feel rejuvenated and full of life. Our Ayurveda facilities are known for being best in class with the use of the best quality Authentic Medicated oils and fresh herbs. We do not promote Cross Gender massage and strictly follow male to male and female to female therapy. Our center is senior friendly rooms and also has wheelchair accessibility. We also have expert paramedic staff on standby.

Our specialized rejuvenation packages will help you boost your mental and physical energy allowing you to work on recovery and ultimately help us to get you to your best selves. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and experience the best Ayurveda facility in Kodaikanal.



After years of stress, toil and hard work, you have truly earned your retirement. Why bother yourself with worries and chores, when you can enjoy unmatched resort style senior living with 5-star facilities?
The Bahri Group has revolutionised retirement living by offering seniors luxury and leisure, with no compromises on safety and security. Nestled against a spectacular backdrop of hills and lush green surroundings, the three scenic communities offer stylish residences that are a dream come true.


India’s most awarded developer in senior housing, Bahri Estates Pvt. Ltd. offers a range of retirement communities, to match varied requirements and budgets. The functional communities are home to many seniors who enjoy quality services and superior maintenance provided by trained professionals with utmost care.

Santosham, Foothills Kodaikanal Anandam, Foothills Kodaikanal Anandam, Chikaballapur
Part of 120 acre Bahri Beautiful Country Township Part of 120 acre Bahri Beautiful Country Township 40 mins from Bengaluru International Airport
1 and 2BHK Villas priced at Rs. 14.77 lakhs onwards** 1, 2 and 3BHK Villas priced at Rs. 32.45 lakhs onwards* 1, 2 and 3BHK Villas at Rs. 21.95 lakhs onwards*

Always wished to move into an active retirement community and live carefree, but held back because of obligations related to an existing property?Bahri has thoughtfully introduced a unique exchange option for your benefit. Have your property spot evaluated by expertsat the road show this weekend. This offer available only for Anandam, Foothills Kodaikanal, ensures your existing property is sold without hassles and you transition into your retirement villa smoothly.


Book homes at Santosham, Foothills Kodaikanal and Anandam, Bangalore at the road show, and save big with complimentary food and service packages valued uptoRs. 1,04,400 and uptoRs. 2,04,000respectively,for 6 months/1 year. This offer is available on a first come first serve basis.

  • Scenic surroundings and pollution free environment
  • Senior friendly villas
  • Enhanced lifestyle
  • Professionally managed housekeeping and maintenance
  • 24×7 CCTV surveillance
  • 24×7 Medical assistance with in-house paramedical staff and ambulance
  • Tie-up with nearby hospitals
  • Centralized dining
  • Ayurvedic center within township




Imagine a life with no chores, no worries of home maintenance, and definitely no opportunity for boredom. Anandam from Bahri Estates is one of India’s largest retirement townships that offer seniors luxury and leisure in their golden years, with no compromises on safety and security. Anandam’s scenic villa plotted development in the foothills of Kodaikanal, has earned the title ‘The Best Senior Living Community Award’ in the prestigious Times Realty Survey.

“Retirement communities are not real estate projects, they are service oriented experiences”
Hemant Bahri,

Managing Director, Bahri Estates

Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of city life, in serene and lush surroundings amidst nature, Anandam redefines retirement. We learn more about this path breaking project in conversation with Hemant Bahri, MD, Bahri Estates.

What was the thought process behind masterminding such a unique concept?
We have been in the business for over two decades. The idea of Anandam was conceived as an exclusive concept to provide unmatched living complete with five star services for seniors. Our brand of self contained townships offers seniors serene villa plots in the fringes of the city where residents can experience inspired living.

What sort of experience do you provide seniors to ensure they get the luxury and leisure they seek?

Primarily our properties are located in easily accessible locations that are situated in the lap of nature. Surrounded by hills and natural water bodies, seniors can live a life amidst serenity and tranquility sans pollution. Space is given utmost priority. For instance, out of the 120 acres in our Kodaikannal property, only 27% is saleable. The rest of the land has been developed into areas to cater to the entertainment, leisure and sporting needs of residents.

How does Anandam pave the way for active living?
Senior citizens of today are bubbling with energy and in no mood to slow down. Our community has beautifully landscaped gardens, parks and jogging tracks in addition to superior entertainment and sports facilities at the clubhouse for seniors. The club house that extends across over 40,000sq.ft. offers ample opportunity for those looking for recreation. We also arrange for social activities in the vicinity to keep residents engaged fruitfully.

Why should someone choose villa plots over an apartment for retirement living?
A global real estate services firm has stated that high-rise buildings are not suitable for senior living as they may lead to social disconnection and result in low internal mobility and safety. This is one of the key advantages of living at Anandam. We have on board a professional company which can construct villas exclusively for seniors with all amenities required for their safety and well being. Seniors can make use of this facility once the plot is registered in their name.

What are the other professionally managed services offered at Anandam?
We understand the needs of seniors by having a deep understanding of their lifestyle, their habits and their preferences. Our fully operational property at Kodaikanal has quality services and quality maintenance provided by trained professionals with utmost care. For geriatrics the most important care required is in terms of health. We provide the best medical services by partnering pan India with Apollo Tele Health Services.

Are today’s seniors open to the concept of retirement communities or do they still have apprehensions?
95% of our buyers are actual users. We are completely transparent with our clients and prospective buyers. They are free to visit and stay in our community in foothills of Kodaikanal, interact with existing residents, experience the five-star facilities, before making a decision to buy a villa plot within the community.

Anandam is known to be the world’s most awarded retirement project, which is the accomplishment that you are most proud of?
Our residents are our biggest brand ambassadors. The smiles, blessings and heartfelt testimonials we receive from them are the biggest confidence boost for us and that gives us the strength to move further ahead.


Anandam Retirement Community has redefined the concept of retirement communities by introducing the idea of leading a fulfilling and enriching life after retirement from work. It has changed the prevailing attitude toward retired life reiterating that it is an opportunity to fulfill dreams and desires and rejuvenate minds.

Located at the foothills of Kodaikanal is a beautiful nook, a 120-acre self-contained township where you can begin life again. The property enjoys easy accessibility from several major cities of south India and is a mere 50mins from Madurai. Revel in the perks of an active community life, enriched with abundant natural beauty, pleasant friendships and all your needs taken care of. Choose from a range of DTCP approved, affordable villa plots and ensure happiness in your golden years.

The Kodaikanal Township boasts of large open spaces and exquisite natural landscape set against a backdrop of cloud-clad hills eliciting peace and tranquility. Immerse in the luxuries of Bahri Mountain View Club house that spreads across 40,000 sq.ft. The venue of promises has multi-cuisine restaurants, gymnasium, fitness centre, spas, massage centers, a multipurpose hall, hobby clubs, sports and golf facilities. The impeccably maintained central dining facility and housekeeping services are sure to appeal to your discerning senses.

At Anandam, seniors have the opportunity to live a wholesome life, complete with new friendships, fun filled activities, sports, and entertainment. The vibrant community of like-minded people allows seniors to live their golden years to the fullest. They can sit back in satisfaction, live for themselves, chase their dreams and savor every moment.


  • Single manned entry and exit
  • Electronic surveillance, CCTV in common areas
  • Wide black top roads with street lights
  • 24X7 power backup
  • Underground electrical and water lines laid throughout the community
  • Battery operated carts for villa plot owners
  • Panchayat water supply
  • Common facilities functional


Serenity is now a mere 40 minute drive from the Bengaluru International Airport. Anandam’s villa plot development in Chikkaballapur District is Bengaluru’s first independent villa retirement community. The plots that are fast selling out, welcome seniors looking for a wholesome carefree life, amidst natural beauty.

The pristine location is sure to sweep you off your feet. With infrastructure work and landscaping completed, clients who have purchased plots have already begun constructing the homes of their dreams. Come and enjoy bountiful nature, fresh air, good food, health care, security, transportation services and much more.

  • 12,000 sq.ft. club house with hobby centre
  • Natural lake and jogging track adjoining the community
  • Best medical and management services
  • Single manned entry and exit for improved security


The world class retirement community Anandam boasts of top of the line services provided by trained professionals from reputed companies.

Round the Clock Healthcare

The best medical services are provided for seniors at Anandam by Apollo Tele Health Services. Paramedical professionals trained by Apollo are available on the premises to attend to any emergency requirement. Regular consultations, physiotherapy sessions, yoga and other activities are also undertaken to promote overall wellness. You can be rest assured that your health is in the best hands at Anandam.

Wholesome Meals

A fully fledged cafeteria run by well trained chefs, plates up fresh food for the residents throughout the day. Customized care is given to the food choices of seniors and special care is taken to ensure that food is healthy with less oil and spices.

At your Service

Seniors can bid farewell to tiresome chores at Anandam. Residents can get their laundry done, bills paid, groceries and medicines delivered, garbage cleared and arrange for personal care. With the on call cab and travel services to cater to commuting and travel arrangements, seniors can go out when they please. Above all, seniors can enjoy spending time and basking in the love and camaraderie of friends and family.

Bahri Realty Management Services

This initiative was established with the intention to provide quality maintenance to all properties of the Bahri group. Bahri Realty Management Services ensures that your very own piece of paradise is well maintained and remains as good as new, for years to come. The wide range of services provided include operation and maintenance services, housekeeping, moving in assistance, laundry, pest control, waste management services and a whole lot more.

Home Maintenance

In the case of globe trotting couples who travel the world, professional services can be engaged to undertake all housekeeping, maintenance and gardening needs in their absence. Residents also have the option of offering their villa on rent for short or long terms in case of extended absence.

Professionally Managed Services

Facility Management Hospitality
Security Food & beverage
Landscapes House keeping and in house maintenance
Power generators Medical centre
Waste management Concierge
Roads and street lights Doorstep catering facility
Club house maintenance Move-in assistance
Carpentry services Organic kitchen garden
Water treatment plant Travel desks
Electricity Transits
Plumbing Laundry and catering
Laundry Assisted living
Pest control Activities


Anandam at the foothills of Kodaikanal is already home to numerous content and highly satisfied families. Hear what the villa plot buyers have to say.

“The landscape and terrain is very appealing. Unlike other real estate projects that look to exploit all open spaces, at Anandam, we enjoy over 60% open spaces.”

Mr. Hari Prasad,
Retired French Professor – Madurai

“I was looking for a place to settle down peacefully. Anandam at the foothills of Kodaikanal was exactly what I dreamed of. The place is beautifully located and well laid out. The villas are designed with careful detailing to address all needs of elders.”

Col (Retd.) K Raja Vikraman
Retired Army Col.

“We wanted to retire in a place where we can step out of home and experience fresh air and greenery. At Anandam, there are no high rise buildings, no pollution and no noise. I think we made the perfect choice.”

Mrs. and Mr. Tejinder Singh Birdie
Propreitor (Retd.) Polysynth Ultrapack – Bangalore

“We wanted a place with abundant open spaces and greenery and Anandam was right up our alley. Also being used to a cosmopolitan set up, we are happy at Anandam that has residents from across India.”

Group Capt. V.S. Ashok and Mrs. Kala Ashok
Retired Indian Air Force Officer – Chennai

For further information contact:
Bahri Estates Pvt. Ltd.

Toll free: 1800 102 2111
Call: 96000 60943
Visit: www.anandam.co


So you have retired from work, but not from life. You long to spend your time more fruitfully and enjoy your golden years. Your current home has begun to feel too big after the children have moved out and is getting increasingly difficult to maintain. You are not alone.

Retirement communities are today emerging a popular choice of living for seniors. Here are some reasons they make the decision.


With news of theft, burglary and even murder everyday, retirement communities offer a safe haven for seniors in their secure premises.


Dust, pollution and heavily populated neighborhoods; get away from it all in serene homes amidst tranquil surroundings.


Retirement communities offer access to the best emergency medical services whenever the need may arise.


Fresh healthy food, customized to suit seniors with less oil and spices and no worries of home maintenance or stress over cooks, maids, plumbers and electricians.


Senior living communities allow you to live life on your terms with unlimited entertainment and luxurious facilities. The modern clubhouses offer seniors unsurpassed amenities including multi-cuisine restaurants, gymnasiums, fitness centers, spas, Ayurvedic massage centers, hobby clubs and sports.


The Bahri Group, a pioneer in retirement living, has developed a new concept of plush villa plotted developments for seniors with the facilities listed above and more. The Anandam community in Chickballapur, in the outskirts of Bangalore, is among the top in the country. Next month will see several seniors taking possession of their homes here that are set against the backdrop of hills and lush green surroundings.

Stay in the trial villas at Anandam’s fully operational property, a part of Bahri Beautiful Country, in the foothills of Kodaikanal. Enjoy the facilities in the 120 acre expanse and interact with the residents, to experience wholesome living, before making it your way of life.

Constructed Villa Plots at foothills of Kodaikanal at Rs. 32 lakhs onwards
Constructed Villa Plots at Chikballapur near Bangalore at Rs. 24 lakhs onwards

For further details contact:
Toll free: 1800 102 2111
Call: +91 73388 24508, 99400 64105, 73388 00121
Watch the corporate video and customer testimonials at: https://bahriestates.com/