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Real Estate Investing: We Are Ready For Whatever the Future Holds!

Real Estate Investing: We Are Ready For Whatever the Future Holds!

Using real estate as an asset class in your investment portfolio diversifies your portfolio and lowers your total risk. There are several real estate investing techniques that can be used to do this.

Real estate investment trusts (REITs), for example, are passive dividend-paying securities. Others, such as investing in and holding rental assets for cash flow and capital appreciation, necessitate active participation and a sufficient amount of expertise.

With more acceptance of retirement homes in Chennai and gaining popularity for owning such property, the demand, therefore, has massively increased.

Some pros of real estate investing are:

1. Value Appreciation Over Time

Over time, well-chosen real estate appreciates at a rate that typically outpaces annual inflation. Yes, market corrections occur from time to time, and people can purchase the wrong form of property at the wrong time. However, we’ve discovered that there is still the opportunity to purchase a good property at a low price, make renovations to maximize equity, and then sell for a profit. It’s the real-estate version of the stock market adage of “buy cheap, sell big.” Real estate, on the other hand, has always had inherent worth. A stock can fall to zero, but a property is a real commodity with the value extracted from both the raw land and the “improvements” made to it (the building structures attached to the ground).

2. Tax Benefits

The specific tax advantages of real estate enable investors to build capital over time. Self-employment tax does not apply to rental income, and the government provides tax breaks to real estate owners. Depreciation and slightly reduced tax rates on long-term gains are two examples. And, depending on your income level and status as an investor or real estate professional, your rental property can provide you with an excess of tax deductions that you may apply to other sources of income.

3. Builds Equity

Your customers are purchasing the property for you because you use leverage wisely. Rental income helps you accumulate wealth by paying off your debt each month. Your tenant pays the interest tax when you purchase a rental property with a mortgage, increasing your net worth per month. Consider it a savings account that expands without you having to deposit money every month.

4. Control

For real estate, you have a lot of leverage over your total investment success than for other types of investments. You can’t sit in a boardroom and control executive decisions that affect the valuation of the stocks. When it comes to real estate investment, you have a lot of control over the decisions you make. Investing in real estate allows you to reduce exposure and expand your portfolio at a much quicker pace.

All these pros can be accessed by investing in retirement homes in Chennai with the assistance of Bahri Estate. Not only you’ll be securing your future but will also be able to live carefree golden years.

Is Retirement Living for Me or My Loved One?

Is Retirement Living for Me or My Loved One?

A happy retirement living no longer entails sitting up and watching the world go by with your feet propped up. Many people today consider retirement to be the beginning of one of life’s most important journeys. Now is the time to do what you want, with the experience-laden common sense to appreciate it.

If you want to have a good retirement living, you need to figure out what that means to you. Perhaps visualizing the future is the perfect way to prepare for retirement, really dreaming about the specifics of who you are going to be, when, and why. Perhaps the most critical part of preparation is being able to envision who you are going to be in the future and what your wants and expectations are going to be at that time.

Many retirees who choose to reside peacefully consider senior independent living. Senior independent living facilities make it easy for retirees to remain in close proximity to their colleagues. When you’re out and about in your neighborhood, you’ll run into other seniors who share your interests. If you like your social network has shrunk, go to a music club, a fitness party, or take an on-site workshop to meet interesting people your own age.

More than 80% of today’s retirees claim that health is the most critical factor in a stable retirement, implying that, even over financial security, the majority prioritizes good health. As a result, the best retirement portfolio includes not only investments but also ways to stay mentally and physically healthy. Gardening, walking, going to the gym, and maintaining a balanced diet are all proven ways to keep physically fit. Being vital, having a goal, and psychologically testing yourself are both excellent ways to maintain your mental health.

If you want to do all of your retirement plans on your own, you risk selling yourself and your retirement lifestyle. If you’re a subject-matter expert, there might be retirement questions you’re unaware of.

Working with a financial planner will give you a fresh set of eyes and an analytical perspective on your retirement plans. You’ll find out how practical the goals are and get the best advice on how to achieve them. Maintaining an active lifestyle and a daily routine is an important aspect of many people’s satisfaction. It can be difficult to adjust from a routine of going to work every day to getting an open schedule.

Preparation is essential if you want to live the life you want in retirement and deal with any surprises that might arise.

Is It Wise to Invest in Indian Real Estate Market in India

Is It Wise to Invest in Indian Real Estate Market in India

There is a reality in the fact that from prehistoric times, the value of land has remained the same. In this battle for territory, brothers fought brothers, and kingdoms fell, and yet we forget to learn from history and keep vying for what’s available. The prima facie truth that real estate never lacks value or demand makes it a perfect choice for investment, providing higher returns than typical ideas for investment. Real estate investment in India has been a topmost priority for every citizen.

With the rise of retirement homes in India, the value of land is increasing as is the number of real estate investments in India. There are a host of factors that make acquisitions in real estate so beneficial.

1. Better Returns

When we talk of reasonable returns, the risk is a very significant aspect, and it is minimized when real estate is retained for a long period of time. In other options, though, such as the stock exchange, the risk factor never goes anywhere.

2. Asset Diversification

There is absolutely no clear connection between real estate and other common paper-based assets such as bonds, debt, etc. It has a negative correlation with assets such as securities, gold, etc.

This means that the first value that real estate offers is wealth diversification. Real estate portfolio valuation appreciation has little to do with other asset groups. It is normal to discover that real estate can do better while the stock market performs poorly. Real estate properties will also yield decent returns in a scenario where an economic bubble is at its peak.

3. Tax Benefits

For different factors such as mortgage interest, running expenses and costs, cash flow from other assets, and so on, one can get tax deductions. To get more information on this it is often helpful to contact a business, that specializes in real estate based on the region in which you wish to invest. To make this task simpler, leasing repairs, electricity, maintenance, etc. accounts should be managed.

4. Dual Income

In addition to renting a house, owning, selling, and the opportunity to create value on the property will produce income. It means that, aside from your primary income, you get a passive income too.

5. Decision Maker

Investing in real estate makes oneself their manager, and, thus, it is easier to handle risk because the decision-maker has leverage. Other variables can affect the investment and trigger adjustments, but because you are the one calling the shots, the risk will be much better measured.

With many options such as hotels, apartments, shops, retirement homes, etc, it is necessary to weigh up the options and invest accordingly.

Finding Housekeeping Service for Senior Living in Bangalore

Finding Housekeeping Service for Senior Living in Bangalore

Sometimes when there is no one in the family, children are settled outside, relatives not live nearby, it really become tough for elderly to manage their daily chores and then housekeeping for senior living is required which is is very common in India. There are many companies that help with domestic help, but the question is how long can the seniors stay alone? How much will they watch TV? Boredom leads to many kinds of disorders which can be avoided if they opt for retirement community. It is nothing but a setup exclusively designed and maintained for seniors. From construction to facilities, everything is planned keeping their requirements in mind. Non-slippery floor, emergency bell in each room, greenery all round are some of its basic things that ensures free and easy living. There are many other benefits that this kind of living provides which we are discussing below and by the end, leaving you with the thought – should I actually go for it?

Active living

Healthy environment and fit body are two major necessities which everyone needs specially the elderly. But at home both of these are sometimes not possible as there is no one with whom you can spend or do yoga with, and Bahri Estates understands this very well. The retirement communities are made in such a way that tall trees are spread all over and there are even playgrounds for different types of sports apart from yoga and prayer room. This ensures that seniors are trapped in the four walls, lazying around and have nothing to do. They should remain active to be happy and live long. In case they want to step out, senior transportation services is available to ensure easy mobility to anywhere.

Genuine hospitality

Our dedicated team works day in and out to ensure the best of hospitality. From cleaning to cooking and doing utensils everything is handled by them. From morning’s tea to dinner reaches residents room so that they can relax and do exactly what they want. Housekeeping for senior living is a good idea but this definitely is unbeatable.

As Bahri Estates properties are situated away from city’s chaos, senior transportation services is made strong so that there arise no problem in commutation in any circumstance. Want to explore more? Log on to https://bahriestates.com/. Get in touch with our team to take a tour.

Things to Look for While Buying House in Kodaikanal

Things to Look for While Buying House in Kodaikanal

Buying house is not an easy, you have to look into each and every aspect from location to construction and most importantly the builder. Many a times people do not take into consideration the past record of builder, the projects delivered and how happy the customers are and hence land into soups as they have no idea what happens when you make the payment, many a times the builder runs away too. Therefore before looking for the house for sale in Kodaikanal here are some very important factors that needs to be considered –


The area where the house is situated plays a great role in determining not only its price but also your safety. Of course if it’s a green area, filled with life and there is complete safety all the time, the prices would be higher and if its totally aloof or too cluttered then the prices would be little low. If we talk about retirement homes in Bangalore, they are though situated in outskirts but are guarded best so that the elderly do not face any issues. Amidst greenery, away from the chaos and pollution, these senior citizen apartments are a dream come true place. However not all are situated at prime locations. Hence, before buying them, first study the locality, the land and facilities and then decide to buy it.

Construction quality

You must go for house for sale in Kodaikanal whose construction is excellent. In case of elderly community, there must be anti-skid tiles, emergency bells in each room, low-floored houses so that they do not have to climb as the health doesn’t allow. It is not important has grand interiors, but the overall building should be strong enough to stand still during earthquake and otherwise.

Having health center is a great necessity in any house for sale in Kodaikanal for senior citizens, as they cannot travel far off distances in case of any emergency. Moreover the facilities like playground, prayer room and others would be an excellent add on for specially the active people who do not want to sit at one place and are keen on interesting activities of their choice, so that their body is in mobile position and they remain fit and fine. Now you already know the most critical things to look for while selecting the house. You can thank us later.

How to Find the Best Land Investment in Kodaikanal

How to Find the Best Land Investment in Kodaikanal

A Good Land Investment is one that provides all the benefits as far as your convenience is concerned. If you are looking to invest in Kodaikanal, you have already chosen the best place for investment because it has a beauty about its own. The place is natural and filled with greenery. But, still, the question keeps popping up about why should I choose what I am choosing in terms of investment? Well, if you have some doubts about the place, do not worry because we are going over 3 of the main points which will help you consider important things-:

1. Find a good Builder

Before choosing Senior Living Homes you must consider a good builder like Bahri Estates. Not only are they authentic but, they also help you find the right home which fits you and your partner well. Getting a good home for yourself is important because you are planning to spend the rest of your life there. Bahri estates have been dealing in this file for years and they are the ones who will understand your requirements to the best.

2. See if the land area is natural & not busy

Busy roads always disturb your mind and especially when you are living in Senior Living Homes you require a place where you can exercise peace and tranquility. Kodaikanal is a peaceful place away from city life where there is a lot of hustle and bustle. From your home in about just 40 minutes, you will reach the beautiful hills and valleys where you can enjoy nature and even set up your camp. You can trek and do much more. Also, it is a place where you can exercise some yoga practices as well.

3. Facilities

No matter how peaceful you want a place to be, you never want to compromise on your comfort and convenience. A perfect land investment consists of all types of facilities from a health center to a fitness center. It must have the facility of cinema halls beside it and a swimming pool too. Just in case, you want to have some fun and take some time out to enjoy life. In the homes set up by Bahri, all these types of facilities are available to the people.

So, these were some of the things that you need to consider before making any land investment. Choose Bahri Estates today.

Why a Senior Citizen Home is an Excellent Choice for Investment?

Why a Senior Citizen Home is an Excellent Choice for Investment?

Residential Property Investment is viewed as one of the biggest investments for a person in his/her life spam.

But, most of us do not invest in the property which has everything to do with our retirement i.e. a senior living investment.

People fail to realize it but, as they grow old most of the things including time keeps slipping out of their hands.

Not having a strong back can land them into trouble when they won’t be fit enough to get up from the bed and help themselves out.

So, retirement investment is important at the same time you must consider some things that are equally important first before buying anything.

Here is the list-:

1. Property Provider

If you are looking for the best return on property investment you must know all about the service provider who is giving you the property. He should be the right guy to trust with your property and you should check with him before making any move towards investment. Many service providers fool people and sell them at higher rates than normal. So, check with the market rates at first and then go on to make your final choice.

2. Strong foundation & Infrastructure

The next thing you need to consider is the foundation of that building which you are about to buy. Is it a legal place to buy from?

Is it safe to buy that property?

All these questions you need an answer to and quickly before making any final calls.

Moreover, you should like your Residential Property Investment that you made. It should not be bought for the sake of money but, also because you like it the way it is.

Always consider your choices before many any decision to feel happy at the end of the day.

3. Convenience and Facilities

The facilities like food and water must be easily accessible from the property that you are buying. The best return on property investment is one that provides the best access to you. The location should be such that in case of a medical emergency, the concerned people must be there to take up the call within time. The hospitals should be nearby and the medical centers should be present in the area as well. This will encourage seniors to live there more for a better life.

So, visit these retirement homes today and secure your future.

How To Get Best Return On Property Investment?

How To Get Best Return On Property Investment?

Spending time in the lush green hills at Kodaikanal with your family after retirement is all you need. Availing the Best Return on Property Investment is all about have the best space to live in and retirement homes provide you just that. With the best amenities made available to you near your home such as ayurvedic centers, health centers and fitness club you always have access for entertainment and fun. Unlike your friends staying in 1 BHK apartments in the hustle and bustle of the city, you would be having a wonderful place to live in.

Here are some other benefits related to that-:

1. Best Holiday Retreat Near You

Retirement homes in Chennai offer a lot more fun that you expect.

If you decided to buy a property near Kodaikanal, you will avail the benefit of best holiday retreat that is just 40 minutes away from you.

There you can have a nice time enjoying your picnic and have fun with your family. People also visit there for the purpose of meditation.

So, you are just an hour away from thrill and adventure.

2. Proper Housing Societies

If you choose Bahri over all the others, you will have the best return on property investment altogether because they offer you stay in the proper housing societies that they have developed.

You can get benefit of the gymnasium if you are a fitness freak. Cinema halls for movie lovers and what not?

You lifestyle will be as convenient as people in the cities have but, you will not live like they do.

For you there will be no such problem as traffic or over population or pollution. The housing societies of Bahri are made in the way that people find them utterly convenient.

3. Green & Environmental Friendly Location

The location at which these retirement homes in Chennai are situated is green and environmentally friendly.

You will have lush green hills around you which is why living in Bahri housing societies is much of a trill in itself.

Also, the maintenance is being given a strict priority, you do not have to worry about it at all. You also get the facilities of various sports complexes and coffee shop to make life much more interesting.

Strict maintained is done around the houses which is why the hygiene game is kept real strong.

So, choose these retirement communities and get the best return on your investment in 2019.

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