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    There are almost a million things to do at an Anandam Retirement Community. Okay, not quite that many, but it sure will feel like it. Fortunately, you’ll have a programs director to help you keep track of it all. (They’re kind of like a party planner, but better!)

    Some say that the best thing about retirement living is having more free time to enjoy the things you love. And we whole-heartedly agree. Now is a great time to explore new interests or re-acquaint yourself with a favorite hobby. And that is where your community’s activities calendar comes in. That’s where you’ll find upcoming movies in the theater, guest lecturers and concerts, billiards, bridge and poker, board games, holiday parties, hiking trips, casino trips, zoo trips, museum trips, and many, many more things to spark your interest.

    Perhaps you’d like to learn French, hula dancing, or how to use that new tablet computer you got for your birthday — local instructors (in many disciplines) come to the community (which makes it super convenient.) Curious about another subject? Your programs director will always take the time to explore your ideas and turn them into fun events and learning opportunities. “Rock-and-roll drum lessons, anyone?”

    We think you’ll love all the things to do. But you want to know what’s even better? There’s always someone to enjoy it with. Acquaintances become buddies, neighbors become friends, and friends may become “besties”. That’s what we mean by community.

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