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Santosham retirement communities

Apollo Tele Health Services has been roped in as the health care partner at the township for the benefit of all residents of the Anandam Retirement Community. Qualified staff is already present in the medical center on campus. Health checkups are conducted in the township on regular basis.

Our Services

Primary Care Consultations
Tele Neuro Sessions
Specialty Care Consultations
Tele Geriatric Sessions
Tele Gyneac Sessions
Tele Cardio Sessions

Add On Services

In Clinic Services-Doctors, Nurse, Paramedic etc., Care @ Home, Chronic Disease Management
Health Camps, Health Check-ups
Wellness and Risk Factors, Detailed Periodic Report
Monthly Health Reminders, Preventive Health Care Services


Reduction in the need to transfer patients to a site of medical expertise, Decrease in the relocation of medical specialists to the patients location, Decrease in the number of days spent in hospital, Better organized and less costly health care, More efficient and effective use of medical and technological resources, Tele consultation Second Opinion, Better Hospital connect and better acceptance levels, Build trust & relation with Medical experts, Post Hospitalization Counseling
Post Hospitalization Follow-up & reviews, Apollo Tele Health Services, Medical Centre.

Santosham retirement communities
Santosham retirement communities
Santosham retirement communities
Santosham retirement communities
Santosham retirement communities
Santosham retirement communities
Santosham retirement communities
Santosham retirement communities
Santosham retirement communities


“Ayurveda” term itself is widely known today. “Ayu” means “life” and “Veda” means “Science”. The tradition of Ayurveda goes beyond 5000 years and is gaining the much needed respect and acceptance world over. This is a fine treatise that intertwines Indian Culture, Religious belief and Medical science all together woven into a delicate fabric that adorns our civilization. It is a science that has withstood the test of time and is now the most talked about health mantra today beside Yoga. Actually Ayurveda is a smaller part of “Atharvaveda” that is one of the 4 vedas ( Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda and Atharvaveda). Today Ayurveda is treating very simple to complex chronic problem by bringing the person in harmony with nature. At Bahri Beautiful Country, we decided to start up our Ayurveda Therapy Centre keeping in mind the requirements of a weary traveller who is busy in life and needs some time to relax and rejuvenate. We also have senior citizens living as a part of community in Anandam for whom this is most suitable as we grow old, western medicine that has its own effects and side effects, Ayurveda came as a choice to helping naturally without intervening in their present set of medications.

We have all the range of Authentic Ayurveda therapies like mentioned below:
  • Abhyangam: It is also known as “UZHICHIL” in Malayalam. The masseur / masseuse takes warm oil and smears liberally onto the body with strokes to soothe the weary muscles and tendons. This Medicated Full body oil massage therapy focuses on stress areas and then relaxes and relieves the body of aches and pains and is a great nerve stimulator. Steam bath if accompanied with this therapy gives a further detoxification and also calms the nerves.
  • Sirodhara: “Siro” means head and “dhara” means trickling or dropping of medicated fluids that could be oil, medicated milk, medicated buttermilk or herbal decoction. A constant flow of warm fluid onto the forehead with gentle massage on the head calms even the most tensed nerves and often puts people to sleep. This is excellent for nervous disorders.
  • Elakkizhi: It is a herbal leaf bundle that is tied in a cloth and then heated in the pan. This leaf bundle is applied on the affected part of the body to loosen the stressed muscle spasm, pain, tender joints, back, neck and spine. The medicated oil provides relief from stiffness and soothes the tender body part.
  • Pizhichil: It is known as Tailadhara or oil bath. The therapist gently pours the warm oil onto the affected body parts in a slow and rhythmic manner with light strokes of massage. This is excellent for diabetics to rejuvenate their nerves, stroke patients and also people with arthritis.
  • Udwarthanam: This therapy has dry powder massage or herbal paste deep tissue massage. This is helpful in removing excess swelling in the body as well as helps in lymphatic drainage. It also helps in mobilizing body fat and helps in people with excess water retention.
  • Navarakkizhi: Navara is a special variety of medicated rice that is specially bought from kerala and is cooked with medicated milk. This cooked rice is bound into a bundle and rubbed onto the body. It nourishes the painful and sore muscles, strengthens the bones and ligaments, cools the body and also is excellent in wasting of muscles in people. There is also combination of therapies that could be given as per the advice of the treating physician.


  • Neat & hygienic therapy facility.
  • Neat & hygienic therapy facility.
  • Ayurveda Therapists trained in Kerala and with experience over 5 years in a reputed NABH Hospital in Tamil Nadu.
  • Quality Authentic Medicated oils and fresh herbs used in therapy.
  • No Cross Gender massage. Strictly male to male and female to female therapy.
  • Elder friendly rooms and facility.
  • Wheelchair accessibility.
  • Expert paramedic staff on standby.
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