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    M/s Bahri Estates Pvt. Ltd. has handed over roads, civic amenities and OSR to the local authority by a registered relinquishment deed.

    Santosham retirement communities

    Retirement Community in Chennai

    Old age needs more love, care and attention, and every possible facility and in this busy world where everybody is involved in gaining more and more money and achievements, people often forget that their parents need their time and attention at this stage of time. This problem persists in every society and every place. Nowadays retirement homes everywhere play a very important role. Just like that in India, retirement homes in Chennai are doing a great job and giving people their dream home to gain more and more relaxation and satisfaction.

    1 BHK


    ₹33.18 lacs*
    • Low Budget Properties
    • Low Budget Properties
    • Low Budget Properties

    2 BHK


    ₹41.38 Lacs*
    • Low Budget Properties
    • Low Budget Properties
    • Low Budget Properties

    3 BHK


    ₹74.14 Lacs*
    • Low Budget Properties
    • Low Budget Properties
    • Low Budget Properties

    * Onwards

    Construction undertaken on request by villa plot owners

    The golden era of any age is the old age and it should be full of relaxation, comfort, satisfaction and a lot of fun. Fun which they missed in building every possible luxury for their children. When the time comes for buying your dream home then you must consider the best location. After retirement, we need to spend our time in a fully peaceful and natural place, away from all the hassle happening in the world.

    Greenery all around and beautiful views are all one needs to relax, and this will help you remind that the best days of their life is still ahead.

    Bahri Estates is giving you elder care homes in Chennai where you can ensure your perfect living in a perfect environment.


    Bahri Estates gives the best quality services and the best environment for your living. Not just the homes but you can also avail of additional services like regular maintenance and hospitality requirements. You can buy your dream home with all the modern amenities for a better life.

    Bahri Estates will be the best choice for your retirement plan. Our commitment to providing quality work at the correct time is our USP. Bahri ensures that we be your one-stop solution for all your civil construction requirements. We work with experts for the construction project, those who are responsible for in a house with a team of engineers, architects guiding in the process. When you have self-owned old age homes in Chennai with Bahri then, you must be having some architectural assistance or structural design to execute in your dream home, and we truly respect that and supports that.

    A senior living retirement community in Chennai gives you a chance to build the home of your dream and choice where your aspirations will live with you in place which is no less than a heaven.

    * - Optional

    • Anti skid tiles reduce slippery situation.
    • Grab bar in toilets.
    • Age friendly door and windows.
    • Emergency response (Hooter) System.
    • Bigger size Electrical Switches.

    • Single manned Entry and Exit Gate to maintain privacy.
    • Complete power back-up.
    • Electrical surveillance (CCTV’S) in common areas to detect any mishaps.
    • Fire alarm and smoke detectors in common areas.
    • Units are designed with dimensions and specification which is user friendly for wheel chair (Ramps, Staircase, Flooring, Tiles, Etc.)
    • In case of Medical Emergency, call point installed in every unit in toilets and bedroom. It is connected to a central to a central medical care.
    • Dedicated Club House with Entertainment, Educational sport facilities specific to old age group.
    • Outdoor garden area for each unit.

    • Light- sufficient size and number of windows for natural light and ventilation
    • Climate control – high roof and tiles to avoid excess heat radiation.
    • Water – ro water for kitchen and bathrooms.
    • Recycling - recycled water from sewage treatment plant for landscape and golf.

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