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How to find the Best Old Age Homes for Seniors?

How to find the Best Old Age Homes for Seniors?

When life takes a toll on you after retirement, it is time you should start looking for options to keep yourself safe and healthy for the future years.

Age after retirement is on the phrase of your life when you have to take complete care of your body and mind. Senior Living Homes are a great way to secure your future.


How do you find one home which is authentic enough to bank your trust upon for a lifetime?

What factors do you need to look forward to while choosing for yourself the best old age home?

Well, let us tell you about all the factors briefly-:

1. Healthy Environment

As you grow old, you need to have more greenery and joyful beings around you. The closer you are to Mother Nature, the healthier you stay.

So, while looking for elder care homes in Chennai you need to make sure that the place is filled with gardens and trees around you.

There should some empty green space. The idea behind this is to keep you clear of the hassle and polluted air in cities which can harm your body.

2. Hospitality

The second most important thing is hospitality, how they treat you will determine whether you will be staying there happily or miserably.

So, while looking for Senior Living Homes do make sure that they have trained and kind staff. You can ask the people who are already living there about the performance as well.

Or you look over the internet for reviews a well, in today’s world the Internet can help you identify the authenticity of the old age home you are choosing.

Thus, hospitality should be satisfactory if you are looking to spend your life in an old age home.

3. Community of People

The people who are already living in the place that you have chosen for yourself should be nice and humble to interact with.

This might be a secondary thing to some but, you cannot expect yourself to live alone without talking to anyone.

So, when you search amongst the best elder care homes in Chennai you should buy yourself time to analyze how people are behaving there.

Do they look okay? For further consolation, interact with some of them and see how they go about the conversation.

Make a final choice only after you are completely satisfied with their behavior.

What is the Importance of Old Age Home in India for Senior Citizen?

What is the Importance of Old Age Home in India for Senior Citizen?

The generation that has given their all to families, to society and the nation, deserves to live peacefully and happily. The seniors of today’s urban India do not prefer to live a stereotypical life. They have done well professionally, educated their children well, seen them get settled and travel across the world to pursue their careers. These people are not yet ready to settle into a soporific and sedentary lifestyle. Instead, they want to live a life with passions, hobbies and a lot of desires. They want to increase the financial capability to pursue this life well into the golden years after retirement.

With their children relocated to different geographies, among the many health concerns which can trouble seniors, loneliness is one of the most common and least discussed. They are faced with numerous physical, psychological and social issues that challenge their sense of self and capacity to live happily. After retirement, they should live a life where they can pursue their hobbies, do things which they always wanted to but could not, make friends, laugh and share emotions with them.

These days the concept of old age home in India comes up with communities comprising of homes, facilities and services that are designed to serve the changing needs of seniors over time. At Bahri Estates, we have elder care homes in Chennai & Bangalore which are premium and tailor-made to each individual’s unique needs. These include genuine hospitality which means putting you above everything else. Here our staffs are working 24X7 at Anandam and Santosham Retirement living communities to make your stay comfortable. You will get almost a million things to socialize in our communities. You will have a program director to guide you at everything. We have a clubhouse equipped with a restaurant, party halls, swimming pool, activities room and much more. We understand that having engagement activities is very important. It is a great community where acquaintances become buddies, neighbours become friends, and friends may become ‘besties’. You no longer have to worry about the safety of your elder ones. We keep constant watch over them and cater to all of their needs. We constantly engage them in meaningful fun activities. Staying at our old age homes is an altogether premium experience for the aged people. These villas are curated with the best architecture in the market.

How to Take Care of Senior Citizen – Bahri Estates

How to Take Care of Senior Citizen – Bahri Estates

Our parents fulfill their responsibilities for the entire life to give us the happy future and when they need us the most, we are either settled out of the country or too occupied in making our own future. No matter how much you plan to take care of them, you eventually do not succeed devoting many hours at home is not possible, hence the best solution is elder care homes in Chennai, that not only give them the company of same age people but also make them live in the relaxed environment which is usually not possible as they need to take care of home also.

Living independently in a safe community

Many parents do not want to be dependent on their children lifelong. The amount of savings they have, they want to live in that and remain carefree of any monetary pressure. The senior citizen apartment is an apt option for them. They can easily buy or rent from their bank balance without any monetary pressure and live life as they want it.

Fulfilling all requirements

Be it clothing or food, the elder care homes in Chennai do not let seniors work on their own. There is a dedicated team of workers who is present 24/7 to take care of the everyday needs of people. From offering tea on bed to taking care of washing, ironing and cleaning house all is performed by the assistants who are just a call away.

Healthy living

In case of senior citizens, health is happiness. At home you might change physical conditions, how about mental peace and satisfaction which one gets living with like minded people? You cannot expect elderly to act normal in the company of people who are not their age, hence we should give them the surroundings so that they feel comfortable. From doing prayers together to having laughing sessions and enjoying festivals in the company of their peers, they deserve all.

Finding the senior citizen apartment is the best possible solution if you want to keep your parents happy and carefree, because only when they will live as per their own terms and conditions, then only they will be able to live longer. You must look for best developers like Bahri Estates, who have been serving for many years and on which many families trust. Explore more here – Bahriestates.com.

Facilities Provided in Elderly Care Homes in Chennai

Facilities Provided in Elderly Care Homes in Chennai

Old age is when one has the time and luxury to relax and live a comfortable life. Having the means, the elders seek out places that are peaceful, old age friendly and have the required facilities. What better than a retirement home to settle down can an elderly person look for.

Elder care homes are on the rise in the country with the increase in the fast-paced lives of people that drive children away from their parental homes to make a living and as a result aren’t able to care full time for their aged parents. Owned old age homes in Chennai, Bangalore, etc. can be considered for a secure retirement community. Making sure that your parents have a comfortable and safe dwelling to stay in after their retirement has become easy with the large number of retirement homes that Bahri Estates has to offer. They offer private homes which come with a number of facilities the elders can avail to help them with their daily functioning as required.

Bahri Estate’s elder care homes in Chennai are one of the best options to choose. Chennai isculturally rich and one of the safest cities to live in. They have a plethora of facilities to offer as well. They offer homed with 1 BHK, 2BHK as well as 3 BHK layouts. For a low risk living, the homes have anti – skid tiles that reduce the chances of slipping, grab bar toilets, age friendly window and doors, a hooter system which is an emergency response system in case of internal & external emergencies. They are also equipped with electrical switches that are bigger in size than usual for ease.

Owned old age homes in Chennai with Bahri Estates gives you full security. With a single manned entry and exit gate system, the elders have full privacy and detailed register of persons entering and exiting which increases the safety. The common areas in the Bahri retirement facilities have CCTV surveillance, fire alarms and smoke detectors. The home units are designed to accommodate elderly people that might have trouble moving around. They have ramps, staircases, flooring and tiles that are wheelchair friendly.

Retirement homes at Bahri are not last resort. They are beautiful homes with entertainment facilities like a club house, educational sports center, etc. that cater to the elderly so that they can socialize and be active. Pick our elder care homes in Chennai and enjoy the fresh sea breeze every evening and refreshing coconut water to keep your spirits up.

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