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Choose Safe and Suitable Affordable Retirement Communities

Choose Safe and Suitable Affordable Retirement Communities

Isn’t retirement awesome? There’s a lot of spare time for you to chill, explore new hobbies, and get in touch with colleagues. But if you’re like a lot of seniors, your retirement may not be as enjoyable as you once thought. In a person’s life, moving to active retirement communities creates an exciting new chapter.

Retirement communities are increasingly changing to better serve their residents, whether you want a taste of a healthy community’s good life or need support with daily activities.

Active Retirement Communities provides a better life to the old age with the assistance of the following:

1. Easy Maintenance

From raking leaves to washing towels, there’s still something that needs to be done when staying at home. The retirement communities eliminate home care responsibilities by doing them for you. Additionally, senior housing provides a welcoming space where tenants can try new pastimes.

2. Care

When we age, there are everyday activities that become more difficult to accomplish after a while. Daily living chores, housekeeping, and lawn maintenance can be quite a challenge for seniors and their families. Having taken care of everyday tasks allows seniors to live life to the fullest.

Some areas now have qualified nurse assistants around the clock to support people who seek help every day. Crew members are well-trained to assist residents in dressing, bathing, cooking, and other activities. Wellness aides are needed and not only residents who need it are helped, but also single seniors who may need anything as simple as a prescription reminder.

3. Safe

While you do not require support with personal treatment, accidents can still occur. Household spills and injuries may arise, and if you live alone, the thought of not getting the help you need can be a little terrifying. Active Retirement communities have alert systems in each apartment home to ensure security and peace of mind.

And for residents with mild to severe health problems, there are wellness options with 24/7 nursing services to ensure their patient needs are also fulfilled.

4. Healthy Living

Fitness is important to a senior’s well-being from chair yoga to Zumba and strength training. The benefits of running on a day-to-day basis in most cases outweigh the risk factors. And medical problems can be improved with exercise, including memory loss, heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure.

5. Transportation Facilities

Assisted living facilities offer easy mobility when driving becomes unsafe for seniors to nearby shopping centers, restaurants, sports, and medical appointments. You no longer have to worry about changing the gasoline, going to the car wash, or arranging a substitute part. Transportation facilities enable individuals to get around town at their own leisure.

How Can Retirement Communities Attract More Seniors?

How Can Retirement Communities Attract More Seniors?

Retirement homes all around the world are mainly focused on fulfilling the necessities after which they think that the work is over.


We are humans, right? We have a lot of other needs to be fulfilled apart from just the basic ones. Retirement assisted living just does not mean that those seniors have no life of their own.

They are not bags of flesh whom we can carry around anywhere we want rather, they are humans who carefully require special attention.

So, what should a retirement home do to attract more seniors to their homes?

Well, there are a few things that help in attracting them. Let us decode them to you-:

1. Supportive Working Staff

Seniors do not want a luxurious place to live in but, they do want supportive people around them.

If Retirement Communities want to attract more seniors they need to have a supportive staff with them who can understand the basic needs of the seniors.

They must listen to what seniors have to say and address their problems accordingly. This will improve the relationship between both the staff and the seniors which are very important.

2. Positive & Healthy Environment

Seniors are the people who have been through a lot, all their life. Now, they want peace and happiness to surround them.

To them peace and tranquility is a major part of Retirement assisted living, they do not want a lot of hassle, just a positive and healthy environment filled with happy and joyful people is enough.

But, what makes for a positive environment?

Here are some clarification points-:

• There should not be a lot of noise on the premises.
• The place should have parks where the seniors can sit and relax.
• There should be peace all around with zero interference.

3. Additional Amenities

Amenities for seniors does not include a bar, a spa or a swimming pool, they have a different definition for that altogether.

All they need from a Retirement Community is some good old friends with whom they can spend their day and enjoy.

A perfect games area well-equipped with carom and chess boards will do a world of good. All these arrangements do not sum up for a very costly affair.

If a retirement home can maintain these things in their premises, they will be able to attract more seniors.

So, these were some of the points to consider.

Explore The Surroundings And Pay A Visit To Nearby Tourists Spot

Explore The Surroundings And Pay A Visit To Nearby Tourists Spot

bahri estates

South India is considered as the ideal place for elderly. Where other parts of the country face too much whether extremes, less of greenery and chaos all around, South India proudly flaunts its natural beauty and pleasant weather the entire year, hence an apt location for retirement communities be it Kodaikanal, Chennai or Bangalore . After bearing so much of responsibilities what senior citizens want after the retirement is peaceful living with peers, in the lap of nature. Staying at home in aloofness is not a good idea as its not only lack of independence, but the boredom too, which can become one of the major causes of stress in elderly and affect their health. Quite opposite to it, imagine yourself living nearby Madurai Meenakshi Temple, wouldn’t that be just amazing? It surely will be, hence its time to search for the best senior citizen apartments in South India.


Senior living homes are usually built in the outskirts of the city so that the life is tranquil, away from hustle and bustle of the country’s crowd. However, this location has many advantages but one thing that you need to make sure of is security. Life becomes much more easier when you know you are living at a safe place and Munnar is among one such locations where you can stay carefree.


The retirement communities are different from the regular societies. They are built keeping in mind the elderly requirement. The huge acres of land are divided into cottages, which are all low floored and surrounded with greenery from all sides. If you want an apartment with green valley view, then explore the best of properties at Bahriestates.com.


Keeping oneself relaxed and at comfort is what the old age demands for. The Senior living homes are equipped with best of facilities. Firstly the Bahri Estates’ community location is so prime – near Vaigai Dam, that it doubles the fun of living and in addition to it there are amenities like healthcare center inside the compound which is a great help to seniors.

If you are searching for a great house in Thekkady, the beautiful town of Kerala or near Bear Shola Falls or Pillar Rocks, then find all prayers answered with us. Just explore the top retirement communities and get in touch today! We will make sure that the golden years of your life are completely blissful.

Why Senior Assisted Living Is So Important In Current Scenario?

Why Senior Assisted Living Is So Important In Current Scenario?

As people get older, sooner or later they start worrying and find themselves faced with the decision of where the best place to live after retirement. The topic becomes more worrisome after the death of a spouse or getting diagnosed with any serious medical condition. As some older adults prepare for a change in living accommodations, they still want to maintain their independence. But because of the possibility of illness or disability, living alone is not an option.

While some seniors prefer independent living, some are cognitively or physically unable to live independently. Those seniors may be developing or living with some chronic health conditions such as heart disease or diabetes. They may be facing the cognitive of a serious health condition. For reasons like these and many others, the best option for many older adults is to live within an assisted living community. In such a community, senior adults have their own living spaces, typically an apartment-style set of rooms, personal houses or villas. They also have access to additional care and assistance as needed. Staffs are available 24/7 to help residents in daily activities starting from toileting, dressing and grooming assistance to scheduling doctor’s visits and transportation to those appointments. Despite the availability of additional care, residents are encouraged to be as independent as possible.

Trying to find the best living option for an ageing family member can be overwhelming at times, but with the right information, it can be much easier. Because it’s about finding the right place where the ageing family member will live safely receiving constant care and he will not feel lonely and enjoy fun activities. For many, who are making their first move into a senior living community, assisted living is generally the first option they look for.

At Bahri Estates, we provide senior assisted living in India. Our services are tailor-made to each individual’s unique needs. It includes genuine hospitality which means putting you above everything else. Here our staffs are working 24X7 at Anandam and Santosham Retirement living communities in South India to make your stay comfortable. There are almost a million things to socialize in our communities. You will have a program director to guide you at everything. We have a clubhouse equipped with a restaurant, party halls, swimming pool, activities room and much more. Having engagement activities in retirement communities is very important. It is a great community where acquaintances become buddies, neighbours become friends, and friends may become ‘besties’.

For more info, follow bahriestates.com. Contact us at 9677121870 and email us on [email protected]

How Do Retirement Communities Help in Building Society?

How Do Retirement Communities Help in Building Society?

Humans have always thrived in societies. Tribes, clans, communities, all had a number of people living together, sharing space and resources and interacting with each other. Seclusion & isolation might sound like a good idea but if prolonged, it impacts the stability of a person. A society ensures smooth functioning through daily interactions, exchange of information and ideas.

While working, one interacts with a number of people on a daily basis. Now, for all of that to end cold turkey after retirement wouldn’t be healthy. Living in retirement communities ensure the continuation of a societal life, especially one where elders live with people who are at the same stage of their life as they are.

A Bahri Estate retirement community not only allows for people to get together but it also provides the old age residents to avail a plethora of facilities that would help them get by daily. These retirement homes are built keeping in mind the needs that certain elders may have; they have specific flooring, tiles, ramps and staircases that are wheelchair friendly.

People living together in a society usually trust each other and are assured that they will not be harmed by their fellow residents. This assurance comes with the common security they share which retirement communities have in common. They are guarded by single gate entry & exit systems that provide optimum security. Bahri Estate’s retirement homes in Chennai function on this system as well.

Most societies have activities that they participate in together, festivals they organize together and games they team up and play together. Similarly, Bahri Estates retirement communities have many types of activities that the elderly can enjoy which leads to the residents getting to know each other better. People in a society will now and then enjoy in leisurely activities together. Retirement communities do have entertainment facilities that keeps people occupied. Retirement homes by Bahri keep having celebrations round the year for occasions like New Year’s, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, etc. which the residents would have previously enjoyed as well when living outside of the retirement home.

A proper functioning society in India has interactions on a daily basis. Retirement homes in Chennai, Bangalore, etc. allow residents to come together and share their experiences and ideas about their life, their job, their family, etc. and how they are dealing with life post retirement. The residents being in similar phases of life as each other helps them understand the people in the community well and accommodate each other’s needs to function as a healthy society. This is what Bahri Estate’s retirement communities strive for.

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