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Where are Bahri Estates Senior Retirement Homes in Bangalore?

Where are Bahri Estates Senior Retirement Homes in Bangalore?

A happy, independent life without any commitments. A paradise, in other words, for the aged. Your kids have grown up. You’ve missed what it feels like to enjoy a minute of calm when taking care of them, caring for them. See, the kids are brilliant. Yet, we humans are creatures who are relational. So, living on your own is not a choice.

Since the truth always argues that you should try, however, there is still a part that wants to mingle with people of your own generation, to have fun. Do something you can’t do because you have those assignments. That is why you need retirement homes.

Retirement homes are the way to go. It has everything you will like for the lifestyle of “Ageing in place”. In fact, for the elders who earn for business, it is fine. Considering the calm space, the additional facilities prove to be a bonus.

The economic element of investment is necessary for the ownership of retirement homes in Bangalore. Retirement homes are viewed as an investment in a lifestyle rather than an investment in money.

India’s old age homes have a negative reputation for their poor living standards. But Anandam’s post-retirement life in South India has changed. Anandam has gained worldwide acclaim, winning hearts, and honors all over the globe right from its inception.

Anandam Retirement Homes in Bangalore is a self-contained community in a place that is one of its kind and is professionally run with the finest care, utility, and hospitality facilities.

They are prepared with the necessary skills to carry out building projects with sole-source responsibility with an in-house team of experts, method leading architects. They are committed to the delivery and prompt delivery of the quality building. All contracts are performed from design to completion using state of the art site facilities and project management strategies.

For all your civil building needs, they plan to be a one-stop solution. With architectural assistance and structural planning and implementation, we serve our clients. The contract is performed on-site by professionally trained and professional workers overseeing work. We also produce curbstone, pavers, building blocks, etc, which provide materials for timely availability.

Retirement can be challenging. It is important to check in with your budget and investments and adjust as necessary. And if we accept retirement homes’ pros and cons, the pros outweigh the cons. Only with the proper home will this be done. Your life decision needs to be well prepared and investigated.

Things to Look for While Buying House in Kodaikanal

Things to Look for While Buying House in Kodaikanal

Buying house is not an easy, you have to look into each and every aspect from location to construction and most importantly the builder. Many a times people do not take into consideration the past record of builder, the projects delivered and how happy the customers are and hence land into soups as they have no idea what happens when you make the payment, many a times the builder runs away too. Therefore before looking for the house for sale in Kodaikanal here are some very important factors that needs to be considered –


The area where the house is situated plays a great role in determining not only its price but also your safety. Of course if it’s a green area, filled with life and there is complete safety all the time, the prices would be higher and if its totally aloof or too cluttered then the prices would be little low. If we talk about retirement homes in Bangalore, they are though situated in outskirts but are guarded best so that the elderly do not face any issues. Amidst greenery, away from the chaos and pollution, these senior citizen apartments are a dream come true place. However not all are situated at prime locations. Hence, before buying them, first study the locality, the land and facilities and then decide to buy it.

Construction quality

You must go for house for sale in Kodaikanal whose construction is excellent. In case of elderly community, there must be anti-skid tiles, emergency bells in each room, low-floored houses so that they do not have to climb as the health doesn’t allow. It is not important has grand interiors, but the overall building should be strong enough to stand still during earthquake and otherwise.

Having health center is a great necessity in any house for sale in Kodaikanal for senior citizens, as they cannot travel far off distances in case of any emergency. Moreover the facilities like playground, prayer room and others would be an excellent add on for specially the active people who do not want to sit at one place and are keen on interesting activities of their choice, so that their body is in mobile position and they remain fit and fine. Now you already know the most critical things to look for while selecting the house. You can thank us later.

What is Best Place to Purchase Senior Retirement Home?

What is Best Place to Purchase Senior Retirement Home?

Now, that you have decided to secure your future, the question comes from where should you purchase the retirement homes?

Is Bangalore a good place for that? Or should you opt for Chennai instead?

Well, according to us both are good enough. Retirement homes in Bangalore have the same facilities as Chennai has.

Whatever suits you best will be a good option to choose amongst. The main point is that you should have a clear idea about what you expect from a retirement home.

We have a list of things that you should consider before you go on to buy a property. Here you go-:

1. Location

Whether you buy Retirement Homes in Chennai or Bangalore, you must choose a good location on the outskirts of the city. The location makes all the difference when it comes to you staying healthy or unhealthy. A buzzing city with a lot of hustle and bustle will never do a world of good to your health Rather, if you emphasize living on the outskirts of the city, your living experience will be a lot different.

So, choose a location that can help your health.

2. Environment

There multiple Retirement homes in Bangalore and Chennai but, not all have a safe environment to live in. Retirement homes are often prone to problems such as stealing and robbing which can be done by the people of the staff themselves. This is why you must choose a retirement home after considering the safety factor associated with it.

If that environment is safe for people to live and the seniors living there give a good review about that place then only you should choose it. Check with the websites of retirement homes before visiting the place yourself.

3. Facilities

Facilities such as proper medication, food, and entertainment facilities are extremely important for you to live. While looking for Retirement Homes in Chennai and Bangalore try and choose a retirement home that gives you the best overall benefit.

You won’t want to move into a retirement home that does not benefit you in the long run in terms of food, shelter, and medications. Also, make sure that those retirement homes have tie-ups with proper hospitals and medical centers for an emergency. Being a responsible individual, you won’t want to take the slightest of chance when it comes to your health and well-being.

Senior Citizen Apartment: The Modern Day Choices for Senior Living

Senior Citizen Apartment: The Modern Day Choices for Senior Living

Buying or living in a senior citizen apartment is a good decision because that way you take complete responsibility for your old age. You might be a big an in your 30s but, time does not remain the same for everyone which is why one must take precautions beforehand as far as the old age is concerned. Most of us, a lot of times miss out on these important aspects that help you secure our future.

But, senior citizen apartment has now become a choice of many. Here are some of its benefits-:

1. Timely Facilitation

Going on to live in a good retirement home, you get the timely facilitation of food and water. You do not have to worry about them as the staff takes care of all of that. Healthy food is served which is prepared by using fresh material and not some lousy chemical material. The senior citizen homes take complete care of the people living there and provide them the best access to facilities that helps them in better survival. Their diet intake is also monitored so that things pan out well.

2. Medical Care

This is the best part of these retirement homes. They provide the best medical care to the people who come to live with them. Not only do they have the right medical attention from time to time but, these senior citizen homes have proper tie-ups with various medical institutions that are always ready and willing to step up for help whenever in need.

This not only encourages the whole system of senior care but, also makes them believe that people are there to pick them up whenever they go down. This gives them the feeling of ultimate happiness and peace from within.

3. New People New Friends New Life

By living in senior homes, people make new friends after retirement homes in bangalore. They spend so much time with each other and become a big family. This way, a sense of loneliness is eliminated and togetherness comes within the hearts of the seniors. When they stay happy, it will also help them to stay healthy. They would enjoy their lives and will never feel left alone ever.

A new life will spark a new zeal in them and it will start building itself for them.

So, if you want to have a life like this, you can join these retirement homes anytime and get the benefit.

Affordable Retirement Homes in Friendly Location

Affordable Retirement Homes in Friendly Location

Considering the fact that the seniors want to live independently, in the company of their peers, the demand of retirement homes is very high these days. When children are settled outside, and there is no one at home boredom makes elderly inactive and prone of diseases, as those who have nothing do except for watching television will surely take unnecessary stress and truly living inside four wall is in itself a very tough task. Above all maintaining the house is does not only needs efforts but monies too. Thus, the best option is search for retirement homes in Bangalore.

Excellent weather conditions

No matter which part of the country you belong to, there are extreme weather conditions almost everywhere. Too cold or too warm is not suitable for your health especially in old age. Hence, Bangalore is the safest place where you can spend your retirement days in complete bliss. The Senior Retirement homes In South India, are generally situated in the outskirts, away from the hustle and bustle of the country thereby making it the best choice for nature lovers who want to live in comfort and peace.

24/7 facilities

The retirement homes in Bangalore are made keeping in mind even the minutest of details. From the flooring plan to the material used, everything is being taken care of. The houses are build low floor so that there is no need to climb stairs; On floor the anti-skid tiles so that there is no fear of slipping; Each room is provided with an emergency bell so that in case of any emergency the elderly don’t have to keep waiting. Not only this, the communities are well equipped with medical centers, meditation room, walking area for people so they do not have to move out every now and then. All facilities inside the compound makes life a lot more easier.

Easy commutation

No one can be restricted to a place for weeks and months together. Even the senior citizens need refreshment. Going to shopping malls and nearby markets require transportation, which is best if it is public so that the commutation remains affordable.

After the retirement, there is only limited budget left and Bahri Estate understands it very well, hence gives you an option to buy the best Senior Retirement homes In South India that too at the least cost. Want to explore more? Visit bahriestates.com.

Best Retirement Homes In Bangalore For Nature & Peace Lovers

Best Retirement Homes In Bangalore For Nature & Peace Lovers

When you are looking for the best retirement home in Bangalore, there is one name that stands out from rest. This is the Anandam Retirement Community by Bahri Estates Pvt Ltd. The unmatched service and facilities at a location second to none make it an ideal retirement home for seniors and sets it apart from all the other elderly care homes in Bangalore.

After having lived all your life in a fast paced city there exists a need to retire  and spend the best years of your life in a safe and serene environment in the lap of nature. This is what the Anandam Retirement Community offers you. If you love nature and have always envisioned a life where you wake up with the morning sun and the chirping of birds and spend your day in a peaceful surrounding among lush greenery and a soothing breeze caressing your face then Anandam by Bahri Estates is the ideal location for you to retire in.

At Anandam, we strive in giving you the best of services and amenities.Our courteous staff go an extra mile in seeing that you are requirements are met to the best of our abilities. Our wide range of services include 24/7 security, concierge services, centralized dining with senior friendly food, 24/7 power backup ,medical center will ambulance within the community and a whole lot more.

We believe that an ideal retirement life should be one where you should be carefree and not be bothered about any boring chores. You should just be able to enjoy life to it’s fullest and live active and healthy in the lap of nature.This is what life at Anadam Retirement Community Bangalore is all about.

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