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Real Estate Investing: We Are Ready For Whatever the Future Holds!

Real Estate Investing: We Are Ready For Whatever the Future Holds!

Using real estate as an asset class in your investment portfolio diversifies your portfolio and lowers your total risk. There are several real estate investing techniques that can be used to do this.

Real estate investment trusts (REITs), for example, are passive dividend-paying securities. Others, such as investing in and holding rental assets for cash flow and capital appreciation, necessitate active participation and a sufficient amount of expertise.

With more acceptance of retirement homes in Chennai and gaining popularity for owning such property, the demand, therefore, has massively increased.

Some pros of real estate investing are:

1. Value Appreciation Over Time

Over time, well-chosen real estate appreciates at a rate that typically outpaces annual inflation. Yes, market corrections occur from time to time, and people can purchase the wrong form of property at the wrong time. However, we’ve discovered that there is still the opportunity to purchase a good property at a low price, make renovations to maximize equity, and then sell for a profit. It’s the real-estate version of the stock market adage of “buy cheap, sell big.” Real estate, on the other hand, has always had inherent worth. A stock can fall to zero, but a property is a real commodity with the value extracted from both the raw land and the “improvements” made to it (the building structures attached to the ground).

2. Tax Benefits

The specific tax advantages of real estate enable investors to build capital over time. Self-employment tax does not apply to rental income, and the government provides tax breaks to real estate owners. Depreciation and slightly reduced tax rates on long-term gains are two examples. And, depending on your income level and status as an investor or real estate professional, your rental property can provide you with an excess of tax deductions that you may apply to other sources of income.

3. Builds Equity

Your customers are purchasing the property for you because you use leverage wisely. Rental income helps you accumulate wealth by paying off your debt each month. Your tenant pays the interest tax when you purchase a rental property with a mortgage, increasing your net worth per month. Consider it a savings account that expands without you having to deposit money every month.

4. Control

For real estate, you have a lot of leverage over your total investment success than for other types of investments. You can’t sit in a boardroom and control executive decisions that affect the valuation of the stocks. When it comes to real estate investment, you have a lot of control over the decisions you make. Investing in real estate allows you to reduce exposure and expand your portfolio at a much quicker pace.

All these pros can be accessed by investing in retirement homes in Chennai with the assistance of Bahri Estate. Not only you’ll be securing your future but will also be able to live carefree golden years.

How to find the Best Senior Care Housekeeping Assistance?

How to find the Best Senior Care Housekeeping Assistance?

A lot of families start hunting for a new house as their children grow older and leave home. This could happen at retirement, or anytime before, but for most, this home buying would definitely be the last.

This quest can vary very much from previous ones. Buyers are no longer obsessed about living in a strong school district or providing beds for all the kids while shopping for the right retirement home. They need to concentrate instead on discovering features that will help them to age in place. One of them is senior care housekeeping assistance.

The irony is that retirement homes in Chennai are favored by most seniors because that is just where they want to be, not where they need to be. It’s easy to let your mind wander to the worst-case situations, but it’s necessary to remember that the overwhelming majority of retirement homes in Chennai are not only the exaggerated negative experiences we’ve seen on TV or video.

Senior care housekeeping assistance is a major factor when choosing a retirement home to live in. Many families emphasize the quality of housekeeping assistance as they are old and need them to live a better life. Some of the other factors that must be kept in mind to select an appropriate senior citizen living home are:

1. Location

When purchasing a home, healthier people should appreciate getting access to affordable health care. You will want to be near a major airport if your family lives far away or if you fly a lot. For recreation, what do you want to do? Be sure these activities make your home convenient. You should also care about your temperature preferences. Do you love feeling the four seasons, or do you want a warm spot all year round?

2. Convenience

A great thing about living in a retirement community is the services that you may have available. Most neighborhoods provide people with access to services like fitness centers, health classes, and adult education. Some also provide fitness and personal care on-site facilities.

You can find that with so many options close to home, you can liberate yourself from the need to buy a car. This is especially valid if the transport is supported by the society you choose for retirement.

3. Skilled Nursing

A Skilled Nursing network offers the treatment you or your loved one wants, 24/7, for those suffering from an accident, acute condition, or who otherwise need long-term assistance. Professional Nursing provides treatment for those who may need mobility support, personal care, or drug management. As with all categories of senior living communities, there should be a focus on enjoyment and quality of life when searching for a Skilled Nursing environment. Professional nursing should take care of not just the body, but also the mind and spirit, much like all levels of care, offering experiences and resources to learn, understand, and evolve.

How Is South India Caring for The Elderly Today?

How Is South India Caring for The Elderly Today?

Though elderly care in India is not a new concept, senior living homes are something which not many of heard of. But our society is evolving and what once looked like a far-fetched dream is now slowly becoming a reality. The joint families are now turning nuclear and the old ones now want to live an independent life even after their retirement.

South India is one of the few places which embraced this concept which was more considered to be a western way of living. Being a pioneer of this concept, it is good to learn how are they caring for the elderly today.

Most of the retirement communities in South India are senior-friendly. They offer different facilities like grab rails, anti-skid tiles, wheelchair-facilities, 24×7 doctor & nursing staff on call, on-premises ambulance facility, close proximity to hospitals, housekeeping, and laundry services. Along with these basic caretaking facilities, recreational activities like community dining and clubhouse, etc are also being provided.

However, please check the websites of the communities listed below for more details and please research the place according to your needs before selecting one.

Chennai: This city is one of the biggest educational and economic hubs of India. With the advanced citizens it has, the city also has a good number of elderlies looking out for a peaceful and happening place to retire. Serene senior living projects, Ashiana Shubham, The Chennai homes aishwaryam, etc. are a few good retirement homes in Chennai.

Coimbatore: Coimbatore is the first city to have elderly care in India. The city is known for its excellent medical facilities making it one of the largest places for retirement homes for the elderly. CovaiCare, Serene senior living, Melur meadows retirement village, etc. are the best retirement homes in the city.

Hyderabad: Hyderabad is stated as the most liveable city in India. It is also home to many retired people. Pranamam, Advait Homes, Kshetra, etc. are few novel places for the senior citizens to make their abode after retirement in Hyderabad.

Bangalore: This vibrant and techie city has top-notch retirement homes. Brigade Parkside, Urbana Irene by Covai, Primus Reflection, etc are a few good names to mention.

Apart from the retirement homes in the top cities of South India, the culture of retirement homes is well prevailing in other cities. The only thing one needs to before investing in these retirement homes is to research well and live blissfully.

What is Best Place to Purchase Senior Retirement Home?

What is Best Place to Purchase Senior Retirement Home?

Now, that you have decided to secure your future, the question comes from where should you purchase the retirement homes?

Is Bangalore a good place for that? Or should you opt for Chennai instead?

Well, according to us both are good enough. Retirement homes in Bangalore have the same facilities as Chennai has.

Whatever suits you best will be a good option to choose amongst. The main point is that you should have a clear idea about what you expect from a retirement home.

We have a list of things that you should consider before you go on to buy a property. Here you go-:

1. Location

Whether you buy Retirement Homes in Chennai or Bangalore, you must choose a good location on the outskirts of the city. The location makes all the difference when it comes to you staying healthy or unhealthy. A buzzing city with a lot of hustle and bustle will never do a world of good to your health Rather, if you emphasize living on the outskirts of the city, your living experience will be a lot different.

So, choose a location that can help your health.

2. Environment

There multiple Retirement homes in Bangalore and Chennai but, not all have a safe environment to live in. Retirement homes are often prone to problems such as stealing and robbing which can be done by the people of the staff themselves. This is why you must choose a retirement home after considering the safety factor associated with it.

If that environment is safe for people to live and the seniors living there give a good review about that place then only you should choose it. Check with the websites of retirement homes before visiting the place yourself.

3. Facilities

Facilities such as proper medication, food, and entertainment facilities are extremely important for you to live. While looking for Retirement Homes in Chennai and Bangalore try and choose a retirement home that gives you the best overall benefit.

You won’t want to move into a retirement home that does not benefit you in the long run in terms of food, shelter, and medications. Also, make sure that those retirement homes have tie-ups with proper hospitals and medical centers for an emergency. Being a responsible individual, you won’t want to take the slightest of chance when it comes to your health and well-being.

How To Get Best Return On Property Investment?

How To Get Best Return On Property Investment?

Spending time in the lush green hills at Kodaikanal with your family after retirement is all you need. Availing the Best Return on Property Investment is all about have the best space to live in and retirement homes provide you just that. With the best amenities made available to you near your home such as ayurvedic centers, health centers and fitness club you always have access for entertainment and fun. Unlike your friends staying in 1 BHK apartments in the hustle and bustle of the city, you would be having a wonderful place to live in.

Here are some other benefits related to that-:

1. Best Holiday Retreat Near You

Retirement homes in Chennai offer a lot more fun that you expect.

If you decided to buy a property near Kodaikanal, you will avail the benefit of best holiday retreat that is just 40 minutes away from you.

There you can have a nice time enjoying your picnic and have fun with your family. People also visit there for the purpose of meditation.

So, you are just an hour away from thrill and adventure.

2. Proper Housing Societies

If you choose Bahri over all the others, you will have the best return on property investment altogether because they offer you stay in the proper housing societies that they have developed.

You can get benefit of the gymnasium if you are a fitness freak. Cinema halls for movie lovers and what not?

You lifestyle will be as convenient as people in the cities have but, you will not live like they do.

For you there will be no such problem as traffic or over population or pollution. The housing societies of Bahri are made in the way that people find them utterly convenient.

3. Green & Environmental Friendly Location

The location at which these retirement homes in Chennai are situated is green and environmentally friendly.

You will have lush green hills around you which is why living in Bahri housing societies is much of a trill in itself.

Also, the maintenance is being given a strict priority, you do not have to worry about it at all. You also get the facilities of various sports complexes and coffee shop to make life much more interesting.

Strict maintained is done around the houses which is why the hygiene game is kept real strong.

So, choose these retirement communities and get the best return on your investment in 2019.

How Do Retirement Communities Help in Building Society?

How Do Retirement Communities Help in Building Society?

Humans have always thrived in societies. Tribes, clans, communities, all had a number of people living together, sharing space and resources and interacting with each other. Seclusion & isolation might sound like a good idea but if prolonged, it impacts the stability of a person. A society ensures smooth functioning through daily interactions, exchange of information and ideas.

While working, one interacts with a number of people on a daily basis. Now, for all of that to end cold turkey after retirement wouldn’t be healthy. Living in retirement communities ensure the continuation of a societal life, especially one where elders live with people who are at the same stage of their life as they are.

A Bahri Estate retirement community not only allows for people to get together but it also provides the old age residents to avail a plethora of facilities that would help them get by daily. These retirement homes are built keeping in mind the needs that certain elders may have; they have specific flooring, tiles, ramps and staircases that are wheelchair friendly.

People living together in a society usually trust each other and are assured that they will not be harmed by their fellow residents. This assurance comes with the common security they share which retirement communities have in common. They are guarded by single gate entry & exit systems that provide optimum security. Bahri Estate’s retirement homes in Chennai function on this system as well.

Most societies have activities that they participate in together, festivals they organize together and games they team up and play together. Similarly, Bahri Estates retirement communities have many types of activities that the elderly can enjoy which leads to the residents getting to know each other better. People in a society will now and then enjoy in leisurely activities together. Retirement communities do have entertainment facilities that keeps people occupied. Retirement homes by Bahri keep having celebrations round the year for occasions like New Year’s, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, etc. which the residents would have previously enjoyed as well when living outside of the retirement home.

A proper functioning society in India has interactions on a daily basis. Retirement homes in Chennai, Bangalore, etc. allow residents to come together and share their experiences and ideas about their life, their job, their family, etc. and how they are dealing with life post retirement. The residents being in similar phases of life as each other helps them understand the people in the community well and accommodate each other’s needs to function as a healthy society. This is what Bahri Estate’s retirement communities strive for.

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