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How Can Be Senior Independent Living Made Beneficial?

How Can Be Senior Independent Living Made Beneficial?

There are so many senior citizens to look after in our country of India, but, how much do we look after?
Do we even care?

Have you ever thought about how to make this world a beautiful place to live in for our seniors?

Senior independent living is the concept through which we can make our seniors live a happy life independently requiring a little bit of care. By a little bit of help here and there, we can make this world a better place to live in for our seniors.

Wondering how this can be beneficial to the seniors? Well, let us tell you how-:

Fulfill their daily needs

Every human has some basic requirements. If you successfully fulfill them they are more than happy. Although this would not finish the game, you can still conquer the most important aspect of life.
Although, Senior Assisted Living in India is still a growing concept but, some companies have stepped foot on peddling and their efforts and bring about a drastic change in the midset of the people.

Daily needs may include-:
• Timely food
• Proper sanitation
• Neat and clean rooms
• Parks

Access to Medication Facilities

As we grow older, our health gradually declines (if we do not take care of that). Most of the people do not have access to proper medication facilities because of which their life becomes worse.
Through senior independent living programs, people will be able to look after the health of senior citizens.
This will also promote their urge to live and make them happy eventually. Proper medication and regular checkup facilitation will help those seniors to curb the ailments that they are facing or potentially might face in the future.

Increase Overall Happiness

When the seniors will have access to parks where they can meditate, communities with which they can enjoy, eat healthy food and drink clean stuff, the overall quality of their life will increase.
They will feel better and will contribute to the betterment of society through their experience. This will promote Senior Assisted Living in India and more and more people will feel that their future is secure and they always have access to a helping hand in case of a family tragedy.

Thus, these steps can make a huge difference in the betterment of senior living in India.

Why Senior Assisted Living Is So Important In Current Scenario?

Why Senior Assisted Living Is So Important In Current Scenario?

As people get older, sooner or later they start worrying and find themselves faced with the decision of where the best place to live after retirement. The topic becomes more worrisome after the death of a spouse or getting diagnosed with any serious medical condition. As some older adults prepare for a change in living accommodations, they still want to maintain their independence. But because of the possibility of illness or disability, living alone is not an option.

While some seniors prefer independent living, some are cognitively or physically unable to live independently. Those seniors may be developing or living with some chronic health conditions such as heart disease or diabetes. They may be facing the cognitive of a serious health condition. For reasons like these and many others, the best option for many older adults is to live within an assisted living community. In such a community, senior adults have their own living spaces, typically an apartment-style set of rooms, personal houses or villas. They also have access to additional care and assistance as needed. Staffs are available 24/7 to help residents in daily activities starting from toileting, dressing and grooming assistance to scheduling doctor’s visits and transportation to those appointments. Despite the availability of additional care, residents are encouraged to be as independent as possible.

Trying to find the best living option for an ageing family member can be overwhelming at times, but with the right information, it can be much easier. Because it’s about finding the right place where the ageing family member will live safely receiving constant care and he will not feel lonely and enjoy fun activities. For many, who are making their first move into a senior living community, assisted living is generally the first option they look for.

At Bahri Estates, we provide senior assisted living in India. Our services are tailor-made to each individual’s unique needs. It includes genuine hospitality which means putting you above everything else. Here our staffs are working 24X7 at Anandam and Santosham Retirement living communities in South India to make your stay comfortable. There are almost a million things to socialize in our communities. You will have a program director to guide you at everything. We have a clubhouse equipped with a restaurant, party halls, swimming pool, activities room and much more. Having engagement activities in retirement communities is very important. It is a great community where acquaintances become buddies, neighbours become friends, and friends may become ‘besties’.

For more info, follow bahriestates.com. Contact us at 9677121870 and email us on [email protected]

How to find the Best Assisted Living Home for seniors

How to find the Best Assisted Living Home for seniors

A hard truth that everyone has to face, children cannot stay with parents forever. They have their personal life. Mostly everyone prefers to get settled abroad. What would the parents do in that case? The big house, which they have made with dreams and was once full of laughter and fun, is now nothing but mere four walls that echoes nothing but silence. Above all maintaining its high expenditure is not what your parents would want to do, hence senior citizen homes become the best option if you do not want to leave your mother and father to live in complete boredom. Though the concept is new but everyone is getting familiar to it very quickly. If you are confused what are the major factors to look into while finding the best senior citizen community, then you are at the right place. Here we guide you –


At the old age what your needs change totally. Earlier when you wished to have lots of money and living a luxurious life, now it’s all about spending happy times and staying fit. Senior assisted living in India is known for the cordial atmosphere. From morning walks to afternoon prayers and evening celebrations, the seniors does it with peers and this is all what you would want to see, your parents enjoying to the fullest. Hence make sure that the assisted living home consists of like-minded people so that all of them can spend quality time together.

Medical Facility

Medical center inside the community is a must. Senior citizen homes are generally located away from the cities therefore there arise a need to travel far off places in order to buy anything, but in case of emergency the elderly cannot travel to the hospital or medical store. The medical facility inside the compound makes things a lot easier.


Senior assisted living in India is usually comfortable as the houses are well maintained. From plumber to electrician and even the washer man everyone is just a call away. You neither have to do mend things yourself nor keep calling someone from outside.

Finding the perfect elderly home at least cost is now possible with Bahri Estates, the real estate developers who are into the same field for many years now, catering to hundreds of senior citizens and assuring their blissful stay. Visit http://bahriestates.com/ for more.

Why Senior Assisted Living in India Is Important?

Why Senior Assisted Living in India Is Important?

Living in a developing nation, we see that our public spaces and some private establishments fall short on certain accommodations that some people might require. Most of us get by without it but it might be difficult for differently abled people on a regular basis. For senior citizens to live in a regular society, it becomes difficult after a certain point in life. Not all societies have wheelchair friendly ramps, staircases or even elevators for that matter. A senior assisted living in India can provide the kind of environment which allows the smooth functioning of differently abled senior citizens. Bahri Estate’s assisted living homes are equipped with wheel chair friendly stairs, floors, tiles and ramps. They are installed with grab bar toilets and also have transportation carts which take them anywhere within the community.

Senior retirement communities offer many amenities that some senior citizens might require on a daily basis. They have a cafeteria within the community that offers meals to all the residents. In case one is not able to go to the dining,The food get delivered at your door step. One might think hiring a cook would be easy as well but that comes with conditions too. At a retirement community, they will cook & serve meals regularly, as per scheduled.

Bahri Estate’s senior assisted living in India also provides the elderly residents with services like housekeeping, gardening, maintenance, and move in assistance, transportation, purchase services, etc. One can avail all these if they reside in the community. These services are important and used by all. Living outside of a retirement community, one would have to search and hire separate personals for each services.

Senior retirement communities are located in a peaceful environment. Bahri Estates retirement communities have a single gate entry & exit system for maximum security. They are protected by trained security officials who keep a record of every non-resident entering the premises. This is one of the most important reasons of why the elderly should live in senior assisted living homes. Senior citizens are one of the most preyed on demographics when it comes to a criminal’s target. Living in a secure environment eliminates the risk of them being targeted. Bahri Estates function on a hooter system in the homes. It is an emergency system that the senior citizens can use in case they are in any kind of trouble and need assistance and help arrives immediately. Assisted living is not a luxury but a necessity. Choose the best retirement homes with Bahri Estates.

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