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    Anandam Retirement Community was chosen after I saw many other retirement communities in Bangalore. What I found was that other retirement communities in Bangalore were just concrete buildings and it gave me a very confined feeling. I chose Anandam because of it’s vast expanse of land and it’s openness. The amenities and facilities that Anandam offers is a blessing for it’s residents.

    Mr C.S Samuel , ( Ceo – Infinite Networks – Bangalore)

    We have seen other retirement communities but we were attracted to Anandam because it is totally unique. It is pollution free and away from the city life.The hospitality is amazing and we feel very good when we go there.The management of the place is very professional and I don’t think anything like this exists anywhere in the country.

    Mrs and Mr Arun Chandrashekar , ( Hardware Engineer – Intel ( Bangalore)

    When we decided to come back to India, we were looking for a place that would be suitable for our heath and had all facilities . We visited a lot of places when we were looking for a retirement home and found all the other places to be static and where life is very dull for elderly people. We have been very active and were looking for a place where we could be mentally and socially active. As soon as we arrived first at Anandam we knew that this was the right place for us. The place reminded me of my sons residence in California. The fresh air was very refreshing. The staff and management is very courteous and look into all our needs with utmost care.

    R.Subramaniam, Rtd. Field Director ( international Org – Bangalore)

    It is amazing. I love the place. I love the cloud clad mountains. It is quiet and peaceful. The food is very nice. They cater to all our requirements there.

    Mrs Sujatha & Mrs Rukmini Rangaswamy , (homemaker Bangalore/Usa)

    Was looking for a place where when i step out of my house in the morning, there should be greenery around and fresh air. I found this at Anandam, no high rise buildings, pollution free , noise free. For anyone looking for a place to retire into, I think this is the right choice.

    Mrs and Mr Tejinder Singh Birdie ,(Prop (rtd) Polysynth Ultrapack – Bangalore)

    When we saw this place we decided immediately. We didn’t have to see any other place.The construction progress is good.The medical facilities proposed are good and was an important factor in the decision we made . The mountains and the environment around was very appealing and beautiful.

    Mrs & Mr s. Raghavan ,Executive Dir – Emitac Healthcare Solutions ( Dubai)

    What seniors require is a pollution free environment, good facilities, good connectivity and courteous service. I find all this at Anandam. The staff is very helpful and courteous. Compared to other senior citizen communities the facilities here are much better. The open space is very important to us as we like walking and relaxing. The climate is very good. It is neither too hot not too cold.

    Mrs and Mr Jaganmohan , (MD (Rtd) Air Liquide Medical Systems ( Chennai)

    the other senior citizen homes I visited made me feel very restricted, like I would be living in a hostel. Bahri Beautiful Country gave me a feeling of complete freedom I feel all husbands should gift a villa at Anandam to their wives as a present. I definitely recommend this place to everyone for it’s environment, good food and the kind of amenities they are providing. It doesn’t look like a senior citizen place at all. You can restart your life here in full swing.

    Lalitha Ramachandran , Classical Singer ( Chennai)


    Mrs. R. Lakshmi Kumari

    Bahri Beautiful Country indeed we spent very precious time here for one month we felt very happy with the hospitality people and very healty and delicious food served by Chefs. Atmosphere is pollution less so we want to come again. Thanks to all people. People living here are very friendly.

    Dr. B.Sudhakar, AIMS Hospital, Vijayawada,

    Excellent food, Excellent Hospitality, Very Courteous
    people & Staff, longing to come back.

    Mr. B.V.NagarajaRao,

    This place is excellent in its beauty and location, the ambience is too good. Talking about hospitality the staff in hospitality personified. The people especially, Geetha, Vinoth, Canteen Staff, Jayapandian, Kumaran, Ranjith, Pavithran, Karthik, Saravana, Manoj and other are very good in their behavior and service. We have not seen them anytime getting impatient. There is nothing to point out. As far as quality of food we never get bored with food or anything during our stay. Everyday a new variety of food which is include very tasty and healthy. Looking forward to coming here again.

    Mr. R.Ramachandriah

    Since almost one month we are taking food and all items are delicious and we are very much surprised to see so many varieties of soups, curries, and dishes prepared with good taste. All the staff of dining hall and Pandyan who is incharge is so courteous that it will be well remembrance for us.

    Mr. C. SudarshanRao,

    Lift at Bahri in Kodai is simply superb, peaceful, happy and healty life in Sweet home for the tired and retired persons beautiful world in between green hills with good climate, good food, good hospitality, best service & security with all essential amenities including medical aid & transport. The inmates are very happy and friendly. Our guests really lost in the sweet memories. I wish I could spend my last days in this atmosphere, thanks to all staff and the management.

    Ms. SudhaGopal,

    The place is very good and it has a scenic beauty. Nice place to reside after retirement. The services provided were too good and we enjoyed staying here. Soon we will be a resident here. Hospitality is very good.

    Ms. Susan Saravana

    We a group of 6 people visited the Retirement Community and stayed here over night. The experience and the stay was memorable. The staff provided great service. The food was delicious and the smiling forces of all the staff which greeted us will be a great asset to your organization, Thank You.

    Ms. Annapurna,

    We came here to spend not summer and really we enjoyed a lot and the month is spent in no time. Obedient, sincere and prompt serving kitchen team with delicious, healthy hot lunch and dinner with soups &sweets are very good feels to come again. The team of Bahri Realty Management Services are promptly attending the needs of guest or residents, Hats of to the management Bahri Realty-The beautiful country.

    Mr. G. SatishMudaliar,

    Very homely food served and prepared very courteous and hospitable respect for services is available here. It is heaven on earth to have such people over here. Right from pickup to drop at door step done without any expectation in return. I like this place and visit very often with family whenever I find time.

    Mr. PrakashKorhalkar,

    Very good, location and site, well planned staff is very good from top to bottom, very good service, humble and polite service. All managers are good excellent very well team, future of project is very good. All the best to every one. Mr. Danny Excellent.


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