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What is the Importance of Old Age Home in India for Senior Citizen?

What is the Importance of Old Age Home in India for Senior Citizen?

The generation that has given their all to families, to society and the nation, deserves to live peacefully and happily. The seniors of today’s urban India do not prefer to live a stereotypical life. They have done well professionally, educated their children well, seen them get settled and travel across the world to pursue their careers. These people are not yet ready to settle into a soporific and sedentary lifestyle. Instead, they want to live a life with passions, hobbies and a lot of desires. They want to increase the financial capability to pursue this life well into the golden years after retirement.

With their children relocated to different geographies, among the many health concerns which can trouble seniors, loneliness is one of the most common and least discussed. They are faced with numerous physical, psychological and social issues that challenge their sense of self and capacity to live happily. After retirement, they should live a life where they can pursue their hobbies, do things which they always wanted to but could not, make friends, laugh and share emotions with them.

These days the concept of old age home in India comes up with communities comprising of homes, facilities and services that are designed to serve the changing needs of seniors over time. At Bahri Estates, we have elder care homes in Chennai & Bangalore which are premium and tailor-made to each individual’s unique needs. These include genuine hospitality which means putting you above everything else. Here our staffs are working 24X7 at Anandam and Santosham Retirement living communities to make your stay comfortable. You will get almost a million things to socialize in our communities. You will have a program director to guide you at everything. We have a clubhouse equipped with a restaurant, party halls, swimming pool, activities room and much more. We understand that having engagement activities is very important. It is a great community where acquaintances become buddies, neighbours become friends, and friends may become ‘besties’. You no longer have to worry about the safety of your elder ones. We keep constant watch over them and cater to all of their needs. We constantly engage them in meaningful fun activities. Staying at our old age homes is an altogether premium experience for the aged people. These villas are curated with the best architecture in the market.

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